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  • Drake的歌曲2018年有將近一半天數都在Spotify最多串流單曲日榜的冠軍


    ◎2018年1月19日,Drake發布了催眠性的單曲〈God's Plan〉,是他當時即將發行的專輯《Scorpion》中的首支單曲。到了1月21日,這首歌已成為全世界各地Spotify上被串流最多次的歌曲。〈God's Plan〉繼續在Spotify上播放了超過11億次,這對他而言是2018年一場非凡的主宰的開始。

    ◎Drake的歌曲在2018年裡有158天都在Spotify的最多串流單曲日榜的冠軍位置,超過一年天數的43%。除了〈God's Plan〉之外,〈Nice for What〉和〈In My Feelings〉都在排行榜上待了相當長的時間,後者更是2018年造成最大網路模仿風潮的歌曲之一。據美國唱片業協會稱,憑藉這些熱門歌曲,Drake成為有史以來單曲銷售最多的藝人。

    ◎Post Malone和Ariana Grande在Spotify的最多串流單曲日榜的冠軍天數追在Drake之後,但是即使把排行榜上的第二到第五名藝人的奪冠天數加起來,仍然不會等於Drake在第一名的天數。


    On Jan. 19, Drake released the hypnotic "God's Plan," the first single from his forthcoming album Scorpion. By Jan. 21, it was the most-streamed song on Spotify across the world. "God's Plan" would go on to be played over 1.1 billion times on the streaming site. It was the start of a remarkable 2018 run of dominance for a pop artist.

    Drake's song would top Spotify's streaming charts on 158 days—over 43% of the year. In addition to the "God's Plan," the brilliant New Orleans bounce-inspired "Nice for What" and "In My Feelings" both spent considerable time atop the chart. (The latter of which was aided by the one of 2018s biggest memes.)

    With these hits, Drake became the top singles-selling artist ever, according to the Recording Industry Association of America.

    Post Malone and Ariana Grande followed Drake in terms of days with the most-streamed songs. Yet even if you add up the second through fifth artists on the list, it still wouldn't equal Drake's days at number one.

    "My Mount Rushmore is me with four different expressions," Drake raps on "Scorpion." In 2018 pop terms, his bragging is well deserved.