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  • Drake達成在全球串流平台上有超過500億次串流的里程碑


    ◎Complex在這最新的里程碑的報導中表示「關於這500億大關的詳細內容,包括每個串流媒體平台的各自細節都沒有被提到」。但多虧翻查了Drake在Spotify和YouTube上的公開指標,以及Apple最近發布的里程碑公告,Music Ally可以提供一些更多關於這一切的背景資訊。Apple於7月19日使用Instagram發文為Drake祝賀「Apple Music上的100億次串流」;而YouTube上的Drake官方Vevo頻道的累積總觀看次數為47億次。Spotify的部分只看Drake自己的發布,從2010年的〈9AM in Dallas〉有130萬次串流到2016年的〈One Dance〉有15億次串流,他在Spotify上累積有超過199億次串流。這些都是粗略的計算,因為上述的Vevo和Spotify數據並未把Drake不是領銜藝人的曲目串流數目納入計算,像是Rihanna演唱由他客串的歌曲〈Work〉在Spotify上就有8.08億次串流。目前並不清楚Republic唱片公司所說的里程碑是否有納入Drake客串而不是領銜演唱的作品。

    ◎在沒有這些詳細資訊的情況下可以發現一個有趣的數據,Drake的2017年專輯《Views》在Spotify上有51億次串流,比他在YouTube的Vevo頻道上的總次數還多,雖然後者偶爾會有個別曲目的串流次數超越Spotify,像是〈Hotline Bling〉在YouTube有14億觀看次數,而Spotify的串流次數為7.46億次。但也有像〈God's Plan〉這樣的例子,在Spotify上有9.56億次串流,而其MV在YouTube上是7.65億次的觀看。


    Universal Music's Republic Records has announced the latest digital milestone for Drake: he's "the first artist to surpass 50 billion streams across all global streaming platforms". The news comes just a month after his latest album 'Scorpion' became the first album to rack up more than one billion streams in a single week.

    "Additional details on the 50-billion mark, including specifics for each streaming platform, were not cited," reported Complex on the latest milestone. Thanks to some rooting through Drake's public metrics on Spotify and YouTube this morning, as well as a recent milestone announcement from Apple, Music Ally can offer some more context on all this.

    Starting with Apple, which used an Instagram post on 19 July to trumpet "10 billion streams on Apple Music" for Drake.

    And then YouTube, where Drake's official Vevo channel has a lifetime total of 4.7bn views. And Spotify? That took a little more work this morning, but focusing purely on Drake's own releases, he has more than 19.9bn lifetime streams on Spotify, ranging from 1.3m plays of 2010 cut '9AM in Dallas' to the heights of the 1.5bn streams of 2016's 'One Dance'.

    (A quick note: this means Drake is imminently going to pass 20bn streams on Spotify. Will the service take to Instagram with that milestone?)

    These are rough workings – or rather, work-work-work-work-workings – because our Vevo and Spotify figures don't include streams of tracks where Drake wasn't the lead artist ('Work' with Rihanna has 808m streams on Spotify and 1bn on YouTube for example. It's unclear whether Republic Records' milestone includes collaborations featuring Drake rather than led by him.

    In the absence of that information, here's a fun fact: Drake's 2017 album 'Views' has more streams on Spotify alone (5.1bn) than his Vevo channel on YouTube, even if the latter platform occasionally Spotify for individual tracks – 'Hotline Bling' has 1.4bn YouTube views and 746m Spotify streams, for example. Then again, Spotify has turned the tables with 'God's Plan' this year: it has 956m streams on that service, while the video has 765m views on YouTube.