Eagles超越Michael Jackson成為有史以來最暢銷的專輯

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  • Eagles超越Michael Jackson成為有史以來最暢銷的專輯


    ◎Eagles樂團的專輯《Their Greatest hits 1971-1975》獲得美國唱片業協會RIAA的38白金銷售認證,超越Michael Jackson的37白金專輯《Thriller》,成為有史以來最暢銷的專輯。
    ◎這一銷售記錄證明了該樂團的音樂幾十年來仍具有持久的力量,而對此有另一更有力的證據,就是RIAA同時也公布該樂團的《Hotel California》是有史以來第三暢銷的專輯,達26白金。


    The Eagles album "Their Greatest hits 1971-1975" has been certified 38X platinum buy the RIAA to surpass Michael Jackson's 37X platinum album "Thriller" to become the top selling album of all time.
    This sales record is a testimony to the staying power of the band's music over several decades.
    More proof of that comes from the announcement that The Eagle's "Hotel California" is the third best selling album of all time at 26X platinum.
    “We are grateful for our families, our management, our crew, the people at radio and, most of all, the loyal fans who have stuck with us through the ups and downs of 46 years. It’s been quite a ride,” The Eagle's Don Henley said in a statement.
    Many bands have been influenced by, covered and copied the Eagles, but none capture the power of the peak 1970's band as do the Dark Desert Eagles.