Ed Sheeran〈Thinking Out Loud〉被控抄襲〈Let’s Get It On〉提出1億美元賠償

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  • Ed Sheeran〈Thinking Out Loud〉被控抄襲〈Let’s Get It On〉提出1億美元賠償


    ◎擁有Marvin Gaye的〈Let’s Get It On〉歌曲一部分所有權的Structured Asset Sales公司,在其他歌曲權利所有者提起類似訴訟被阻止後,以1億美元向歌手Ed Sheeran提出告訴。這兩起訴訟都稱Ed Sheeran的熱門歌曲〈Thinking Out Loud〉抄襲了部分Marvin Gaye的該首歌曲,而這很可能是因為他們看到Ed Sheeran在他自己的演唱會中將這兩首歌混合在一起演唱。

    ◎根據美聯社的報導,Structured Asset Sales的律師表示,新提起的訴訟是必要的,因為法官拒絕讓該公司加入2016年由Marvin Gaye該首歌曲的共同創作者的家族所提出的訴訟。

    ◎Ed Sheeran和其他被告的律師已致函法官,稱這兩起訴訟毫無根據。


    Structured Asset Ales, a part owner of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On,” is suing Ed Sheeran for $100 million after being blocked from a similar lawsuit brought by other owners.

    Both lawsuits say Sheeran copied parts of Gaye’s song for his hit “Thinking Out Loud” – which seems quite possible considering Sheeran has been known to switch from one song to the other in concert.

    A lawyer for Structured Asset Sales said the new lawsuit was necessary because a judge refused to let the company join a 2016 lawsuit by the family of a cowriter of Gaye’s song, according to the Associated Press.

    A lawyer for Sheeran and other defendants have sent a letter to a judge saying both lawsuits are baseless.

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