Ed Sheeran去年每天賺進75,000英鎊,獲利超過2700萬英鎊,成為全世界最富有的個人歌手

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  • Ed Sheeran去年每天賺進75,000英鎊,獲利超過2700萬英鎊,成為全世界最富有的個人歌手


    ◎ED Sheeran去年每天平均賺進75,000英鎊,總獲利超過2700萬英鎊。這位27歲的歌手兼詞曲創作者現在已超越了Adele成為全世界最富有的個人歌手。

    ◎他的公司Ed Sheeran Ltd日前公佈其帳戶,顯示他的主營業務營業額為36,293,611英鎊,毛利為27,376,900英鎊,意即每天收入為75,005英鎊,每小時收入為3,125英鎊。但他支付了5,293,424英鎊的英國稅額,這比Facebook在2015年和2016年支付的稅額還多。而根據英國工商局公佈的帳目,儘管收入龐大,但富有的Ed Sheeran只支付給他自己8,164英鎊,且只有1600多萬英鎊放在在銀行裡。

    ◎今年7月,富比世以他的收入為8300萬英鎊,將他評為收入最高的個人明星,領先Taylor Swift和Katy Perry。Ed Sheeran在收入最高的名人排行榜中排名第9,比去年的排名躍升了62位,其他高收入名人包括足球員梅西和羅納度。

    ◎根據太陽報透露,Ed Sheeran的收入甚至超過了Adele,Adele在去年賺取了860萬英鎊的利潤,並在銀行中有超過4100萬英鎊的現金。在去年接受OK!雜誌採訪時,Ed Sheeran表示賺取金錢不是他的動機,只要他覺得生活「舒服」就夠了,並會把大部分的錢都給出去。


    ED Sheeran made £75,000 a day last year and over £27 million in profit.

    The 27-year-old singer/songwriter is now considered the richest solo artist in the world, surpassing Adele.

    His company Ed Sheeran Ltd released its accounts over the weekend, revealing that his main business had a turnover of £36,293,611 with a gross profit of £27,376,900, which is £75,005 a day and £3,125 an hour

    The Perfect singer and songwriter also paid £5,293,424 in UK tax, which is more than Facebook paid in 2015 and 2016.

    Despite the huge earnings, rich Ed only paid himself £8,164 and has over £16 million sat in the bank, according to accounts posted at Companies House.

    In July, Forbes named him as the highest earning solo star, ahead of the likes of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, with earnings of £83 million.

    Ed has jumped 62 places from last year, placing ninth on the full list of top-earning celebrities, which includes the likes of football players Lionel Messi and Ronaldo.

    He has even surpassed Adele's earnings after The Sun revealed on Friday that she'd made £8.6 million profit in the last year and had over £41 million cash in the bank.

    In an interview with OK! Magazine last year, Ed admitted money wasn't his motivation, as long as he was "comfortable" and gave most of it away.

    The Sun