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  • eMusic的費用支付問題持續,越來越多唱片廠牌撤除作品

    ◎越來越多的唱片公司和經銷商因eMusic下載商店延遲甚至不支付款項,而正從該商店撤除音樂作品且不將作品放上架。7月時Hypebot曾報導索尼旗下的獨立音樂分銷商The Orchard告知其代表的廠牌,因為他們「未能收到支付款項」,所有的音樂都會從eMusic撤除。

    ◎由The Orchard分銷的音樂現在仍未在eMusic上架,消息來源告訴Hypebot和其他唱片廠牌,許多其他經銷商和廠牌也在這樣做,多個分銷商的高管們私下向Hypebot確認他們也沒有提供歌曲給eMusic,大多數公司已經或正在從eMusic撤除他們的曲目。



    More labels and distributors are pulling and keeping their music off the eMusic download store over late or non-payments. In July, we reported that Sony owned indie distributor The Orchard informed its labels that it was pulling all music down because they had "failed to receive payments."

    Music distributed by The Orchard is still not available on eMusic, a source tells Hypebot and other labels, and many other distributors and labels are doing the same. Executives at multiple distributors spoke off the record to Hypebot, confirming that they too were not feeding trackas to eMusic. Most had pulled or were in the process of pulling their catalogs off the download store.

    An informal survey of the site showed that music from Sony and the other major labels was also unavailablel.

    We've reached out to eMusic for comment.