ERA表示,Covid-19期間 英國的付費訂閱激增

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  • ERA表示,Covid-19期間 英國的付費訂閱激增


    ◎研究結果顯示,視頻佔據了榜首:10.5%的受訪者簽約了Disney +,而8.4%的受訪者簽約了Netflix。音樂方面:5.6%的人添加了Amazon Prime,而4.2%的用戶開始訂閱Spotify,1.4%的YouTube Music和1.2%的Amazon Music Unlimited訂閱。
    ◎好消息是,93.3%的人表示,添加了Amazon Music Unlimited,而且一旦封鎖結束,他們很可能會繼續付款使用。Spotify和YouTube Music的比例則分別為76.4%和72.2%。


    ‘How Britain entertained itself during lockdown‘ is the title of the latest press release from UK body the Entertainment Retailers Association (Era). Surprisingly, the answer isn’t ‘doomscrolling Twitter in tears and making forts from panic-bought toilet rolls and flour’.
    Era is understandably more focused on music, TV and gaming habits, and a “boom in sales of subscriptions”. In its latest tracking study, which began on 25 May, Era asked people which subscription services they had added since the start of lockdown.
    Video hogs the chart: 10.5% of respondents had signed up to Disney+, and 8.4% to Netflix. But music makes an appearance too: 5.6% of people had added Amazon Prime (admittedly with free shipping and Prime Video the draws alongside Prime Music) while 4.2% had started subscribing to Spotify, 1.4% to YouTube Music and 1.2% to Amazon Music Unlimited.
    The good news: 93.3% of people adding the last of those said they’re likely or very likely to keep paying once lockdown ends. The comparable percentages for the others are 76.4% for Spotify and 72.2% for YouTube Music.
    There’s some bad news on the live music front though: 53.9% of respondents said they went to concerts before Covid-19, but only 23.6% say they’re likely to post-lockdown. For festivals, the percentages were 36.7% and 11.7% respectively. In the UK, as elsewhere, building confidence back again will be an important challenge.