Eventbrite Music推出為獨立音樂場館、活動主辦商服務

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  • Eventbrite Music推出為獨立音樂場館、活動主辦商服務


    ◎獨立票務平台Eventbrite推出了Eventbrite Music,這是一個為獨立音樂場館、活動主辦商和音樂節服務的新平台,其中包括該公司在2017年收購的Ticketfly和ticketscript的技術。根據多份報導表示,Ticketfly品牌將會在明年完全淘汰。

    ◎Eventbrite Music目前已在北美和澳洲推出,並且由一支超過300人,已經為活動主辦商、音樂節和超過1,000個場館提供過服務的專門團隊提供支持。去年Eventbrite在全球一共參與了300萬場活動。

    ◎Eventbrite Music有強化的營銷和分銷功能,透過與50多個分銷合作夥伴網站(包括YouTube、Spotify、Pandora和Songkick)的策略合作關係,將活動主辦商與更多粉絲聯結起來,並擴大他們的現場觀眾。Eventbrite Music可以讓場館在其網站上嵌入結賬連結,或利用Facebook、Instagram和Bandsintown等豐富的音樂發掘環境中的簡單兩步驟進行購買流程。整個Eventbrite Music解決方案是專為移動裝置設計的,包括可輕鬆獲得實時的演出數據、高度定制化的預留座位功能,以及針對粉絲的移動裝置優化購買流程。


    Indie ticketer Eventbrite has launched Eventbrite Music, a new platform for independent music venues, promoters and festivals that includes technology from the company's 2017 acquisitions of Ticketfly and ticketscript. The Ticketfly brand will be phased out entirely next year, according to multiple reports.

    Eventbrite Music is live today in North America and Australia, and is backed by a dedicated team already serving promoters, festivals and more than 1,000 venues. Last year Eventbrite powered 3 million events globally.

    "Over the years the core needs of a concert promoter haven't changed: They need to reduce friction in their day-to-day operations, promote profitable shows, sometimes hundreds of them a year, and deliver a great experience for artists and fans," said Andrew Dreskin, President of Eventbrite's music division. "The amount of thought and work we've put into addressing these needs has been a herculean effort. I've been doing this a long time and I can say with conviction that Eventbrite Music is the best piece of ticketing software that I've ever worked on. We're excited to put this solution into the hands of independent promoters around the world and help to continue to fuel a thriving independent music ecosystem."

    Eventbrite Music includes:

    Enhanced marketing and distribution capabilities: Eventbrite Music connects promoters with more fans and grows their live audience through strategic partnerships with more than 50 distribution partner sites, including YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, and Songkick.

    Better checkout experience: Eventbrite's technology flexes to ensure that every online ticket is as seamless as possible. Eventbrite Music enables venues to either embed a checkout into their website, or take advantage of the easy two-step purchase flow within rich music discovery environments like Facebook, Instagram, and Bandsintown.

    Mobile-first technology: The entire Eventbrite Music solution is built for mobile, including easy access to real-time show data, highly customizable reserved seating functionality with mobile-optimized purchase flow for fans, and the Eventbrite Organizer app that turns every smartphone into a mobile box office.

    Dedicated team if more than 300.

    "Marketing and ticketing are synonymous in my mind and Eventbrite Music is a huge help for independent venues like us," said Jordan Olels, Marketing and Ticketing Manager for Neumos and Capitol Hill Block Party. "Not only does it save time in the set up of our ticketing but we can easily see which distribution channels are moving tickets, whether it's Facebook, Spotify, Songkick, or something else. We've definitely seen an uptick in ticket sales since switching to Eventbrite."