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  • Facebook允許用戶從直播獲利


    ◎自從新冠病毒大流行所有藝人巡迴演出取消以來,Facebook和Instagram Live已成為音樂人直播的首選,但是除了向某些非營利組織的捐贈外,以前無法通過這些直播獲利。


    Facebook has introduced a new plan to let users charge for their livestreams, which will provide musicians and creators with the ability to monetize their performances and events.
    Facebook and Instagram Live have become a go-to spot for musicians for their livestreams since the coronavirus pandemic canceled all artist tours, but monetizing those streams has not been possible previously, except for donations to certain non-profits.
    The company also announced it will be expanding its “Stars” tipping system to musicians in which a performer can receive “tips” when users send them a “Star.”