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  • Facebook和Instagram將他們的音樂功能擴展到Brazil





    Facebook hasn't just been rolling out UGC-focused music features across its apps in the last year: it has also been expanding those features regularly to new markets. The latest is Brazil, where Facebook and Instagram users can now share music in their videos and posts, as well as using Facebook's Lip Sync Live feature.

    "In addition to the available licenses from international labels, we have partnered with local labels, music publishers and collecting societies to ensure that the songs people love the most in Brazil could now be added to their photos and videos," Facebook's LatAm music publishing biz-dev lead Alvaro de Torres told Billboard.

    Brazil was the 10th biggest recorded-music market in the world in 2018, according to the IFPI. Meanwhile, data website Statista suggests that there were more than 75 million Facebook users in Brazil last year.