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  • Facebook在其活動平台上增加了由Eventbrite提供的購票服務


    ◎Facebook在其活動平台上增加了購票服務,由Eventbrite提供支持,「Ticketing On Facebook」允許任何擁有Facebook粉絲頁的人在活動的初始設置中「創建門票」,美國地區已經開始推出該功能。購票將突出顯示在Facebook的活動頁面上,讓與會者能夠通過購買付費門票或註冊非付費活動來表明他們對參加活動的興趣,且無需離開Facebook平台。



    Facebook has added ticketing to its Events platform, powered by Eventbrite, Ticketing On Facebook allows anyone with a Facebook Page to 'Create Tickets' in the initial event setup.

    U.S. roll out begins today. "700 million people use Facebook Events each month," Pat Poels, SVP of Platform at Eventbrite, "and partnering on this initiative is our effort to better serve the people responsible for bringing those events and gatherings to life - including small businesses and entrepreneurs whose core business is not throwing events."

    Tickets will be prominently displayed on the Facebook Event page, giving attendees the ability to indicate their interest in attending by purchasing paid tickets or registering for non-paid events, without having to leave the social media platform.

    Eventbrite lists these key benefits:

    Efficiency for those that need it most: Ticketing on Facebook, powered by Eventbrite, empowers those small businesses and entrepreneurs with the fewest resources — be it time, technology, or events expertise. In addition to online ticketing and payments, it will include basic event management tools like the ability to track registrations and sales via a dashboard, and tools to help hosts communicate with their attendees.

    Enhanced accuracy: Selling tickets or taking registrations online prior to an event—whether those tickets are free or paid—helps hosts distinguish between people that are "interested" and those that are more likely to show up, so they can better predict and plan for attendance. With a better sense of who's coming, hosts can make important operational decisions around catering and venue size with more confidence.

    Up-leveled attendee experience: Make attendees happy with an easy and safe online ticket purchase, and a quick check-in at the door with a simple scan of their mobile or printed ticket. Events will feel more professional and provide attendees with greater peace of mind by way of automated confirmation and reminder emails about their ticket purchase in the lead-up to the event.