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  • Facebook為創作者推出更多賺錢功能



    ◎The Verge解釋說:「觀眾可以1.40美元的價格購買100顆星星的包裹,而且在直播期間,每個星級的彩帶將獲得1美分。對於想要獲得更多訪問權限的粉絲,Facebook正在測試每月訂閱者的付費,這樣他們就可以在更私密的空間內與創作者聯繫。」



    Facebook has announced a range of new ways for 'creators' to make money from their activity on the social network. While aimed mainly at YouTubers and other social stars, some of them may well be useful for musicians too. They include the expansion of a feature called 'stars' from gaming streams, which are akin to similar features on platforms like Twitch.

    "Viewers can purchase packs of 100 Stars for $1.40, and streamers will get 1 cent per Star sent during live streams," explained The Verge. "For fans who want even more access, Facebook is testing paid, supporter-only groups for monthly subscribers, which let them connect with creators in a more private space."

    In related news, Facebook has revealed that from the start of 2020, it will take a 30% cut of 'fan subscriptions' taken out using its platform. That means for creators who charge fans $4.99 a month for VIP features and content, they'll now keep around $3.50 a month, with around $1.49 going to Facebook. Well, that's for subscriptions taken out on computers. On mobile devices, TechCrunch reports that Facebook will absorb the 30% cut taken by Apple and Google on in-app subscriptions: "So when the mobile platforms collect their 30% fee on first-year subscriptions, Facebook won't take a cut. Then, as the platforms lower their share to 15% in the second year, Facebook will take the other 15%."