Facebook警告 它可能會完全退出歐洲

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  • Facebook警告 它可能會完全退出歐洲


    ◎ Facebook聲稱,這的確有可能發生,以作為對愛爾蘭數據保護委員會(愛爾蘭監管Facebook在歐洲的監管機構)最近做出一項決定的反擊之一,該決定要求社交網絡必須停止向美國發送用戶數據。
    ◎Vice獨家代理了Facebook愛爾蘭數據保護主管兼副總法律顧問(Yvonne Cunnane)提交的新文件,他聲稱,如果不推翻這項決定,不清楚在這種情況下如何繼續提供歐盟Facebook和Instagram服務。
    ◎對於Facebook而言,這意味著要停掉歐洲4.1億月活躍用戶,及2500萬企業服務。話雖如此,Facebook發言人強調“ Facebook不會威脅要退出歐洲” –其目的是指責這項裁定將使其無法在歐盟開展業務。


    American TikTokers have been grappling with the existential (in app terms) question of what they’d do if the app was banned. Now imagine the rumpus if Facebook and Instagram were suddenly unavailable across the whole of Europe.
    It could happen.
    Well, Facebook is claiming that it could happen, as part of its fightback against a recent decision by the Irish Data Protection Commission – the regulator that oversees Facebook in Europe – that the social network must stop sending user data to the US.
    Vice has the scoop on a new filing by Facebook Ireland’s head of data protection and associate general counsel Yvonne Cunnane, claiming that if the decision isn’t overturned “it is not clear to the Applicant how, in those circumstances, it could continue to provide the Facebook and Instagram services in the EU”.

    For Facebook alone, that would mean pulling the plug for 410 million monthly active users in Europe, as well as for 25m businesses. That said, Facebook’s spokesperson stressed that “Facebook is not threatening to withdraw from Europe” – its goal here is to accuse the ruling of making its operation in the EU impossible.