Facebook Watch現在每月有超過12.5億的訪問者

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  • Facebook Watch現在每月有超過12.5億的訪問者


    ◎(Facebook Watch)是Facebook上的專用視頻中心,它是官方音樂視頻在社交網路上直播的主要地點之一,7月下旬在美國新增這項服務。
    ◎Facebook提供了有關(Facebook Watch)受歡迎程度的更新。Facebook視頻產品負責人Paresh Rajwat透露,“Facebook Watch”現在每月有超過12.5億人使用,以發現和分享來自數百萬創作者和發行商的視頻。
    ◎該數據比2019年6月的每月7.2億訪問者成長,這是Facebook上一次公佈數字。截至今年第二季,Facebook每月有27億活躍用戶,這意味著其中約46%的人,正在使用“Facebook Watch”。
    ◎Facebook沒有提供有關使用者在 Facebook Watch 上花費了多少時間或頻率數據。


    Facebook Watch is the dedicated video hub on Facebook, and it’s one of the main places that official music videos live on the social network, since that content was added in late July in the US.
    Now Facebook has provided an update on how popular Facebook Watch is. “Today, more than 1.25 billion people visit Watch every month to discover and share videos from millions of creators and publishers,” revealed Facebook’s head of video products Paresh Rajwat in a blog post.
    That stat represents growth from the 720 million monthly visitors that Watch had in June 2019, the last time Facebook announced numbers for it. The social network ended Q2 this year with 2.7 billion monthly active users overall, so that means around 46% of them are visiting Watch.
    Note, Facebook hasn’t given any additional figures for how much time those people are spending in Watch, or how it breaks down between people who use it heavily, versus those who just visit it once or twice a month.