Fall Out Boy樂團因使用駱馬木偶被控告

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  • Fall Out Boy樂團因使用駱馬木偶被控告


    ◎Fall Out Boy樂團被Furry Puppet木偶工作室控告,稱該樂團涉嫌過度使用在2017年發行的〈Young and Menace〉歌曲MV中出現的真人大小的駱馬木偶。

    ◎在著名的賓州律師Francis Malofiy提出的長達133頁的訴狀中,Furry Puppet承認該公司受僱於Rubrik House影片製作公司來創作用於該樂團MV中的木偶,但據該公司稱,Fall Out Boy所擁有的「有限制的非明示授權」沒有延伸到該項目之外。而Fall Out Boy從那時起就把這些木偶作為他們的週邊商品的品牌,並將這些木偶帶到演唱會和電視節目的舞台上來宣傳他們去年二月發行的《Llamania》EP。

    ◎該項控告的對象有15名額外被告,還包括環球音樂集團有限公司、索尼音樂娛樂公司和該樂團的個別成員等,控告並稱該樂團錯誤地聲稱他們自己是木偶的共同創作者。Furry Puppet木偶工作室以侵權、違約、不當得利和其他罪名控告該樂團,該工作室尋求賠償並阻止Fall Out Boy在其行銷素材中繼續使用駱馬木偶。


    Fall Out Boy is being sued by the Furry Puppet Studio for allegedly overusing the life-sized llama puppets that appeared in their 2017 video for "Young and Menace."

    In a 133-page complaint filed by famed Pennsylvania attorney Francis Malofiy, Furry Puppet admits that the company was hired by Rubrik House to create puppets for use in the band's video.But, according to the company, Fall Out Boy's "limited implied license" did not extend beyond that project.

    Fall Out Boy has since used the puppets as branding for merchandise, brought the puppets onstage at concerts and television appearances and used the puppets to promote their Llamania EP released last February.

    The complaint, which names 15 additional defendants including Universal Music Group, Inc., Sony Music Entertainment and the individual band members, also argues that the band is wrongly claiming to be the joint creator of the puppets.

    Furry Puppet Studio Inc. is suing the band for copyright infringement, breach of contract, unjust enrichment and other counts. The company is seeking damages and to stop Fall Out Boy from using the llama puppets in their marketing material.