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  • Gaana現在擁有每月1.25億活躍用戶-並建立了新的語音廣告合作夥伴關係




    Gaana is the latest music-streaming service exploring the potential of interactive voice ads, following announcements earlier this year from Spotify and Pandora.
    The Indian service is working with the same partner as the latter: Instreamatic, which has tech for ads that people can talk back to.
    “With this partnership, Gaana listeners will engage with voice ads that present them with verbal prompts from a brand. For example, an ad’s call-to-action might invite the listener to respond affirmatively in order to receive more information about a product, or negatively to simply skip the ad,” explained the announcement of the deal.
    There are also some important new figures in the press release: Gaana now says it has more than 125 million monthly active users, streaming more than 3.2bn tracks a month.
    The former figure represents decent growth for Gaana, which said in April that it had 100 million monthly active users. It has thus added 25 million MAUs in eight months – an average of more than 3.1m net ads a month, which compares favourably to the comparable figures from Spotify (4.6m net monthly adds over the first nine months of 2019) and Tencent Music (1.9m).