GEMA 2019年的收入增長4.9% 出現危機氣囊

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  • GEMA  2019年的收入增長4.9% 出現危機氣囊


    ◎GEMA執行長(Harald Heker)之前在談到該協會的分配時說,在當前形勢的背景下,GEMA的2019財政年度非常好,這將為我們的會員形成一個「危機氣囊」,意味著可能有麻煩。GEMA在2019年的公共表演收入增長4.9%,達到4.074億歐元,主要是由於強勁的演唱會年度,這肯定不能套用在2020年。但GEMA的線上收入確實出現強勁增長,增長了72.4%,達到1.819億歐元。
    ◎另一個值得注意的統計:GEMA現在代表了78,000個成員,比一年前的74,000個增加了5.4%。與其他大型協會相比,英國的PRS for Music去年增長8.7%,而美國的ASCAP則增長3.8%。


    German collecting society GEMA has published its numbers for 2019, reporting revenues of just under €1.07bn ($1.18bn), which was 4.9% more than 2018. Of that total, €905.6m was distributed to members and rightsholders, representing 5.4% growth
    “Against the background of current developments, GEMA’s very good 2019 financial year will form a ‘crisis airbag’ for our members,” said GEMA CEO, Dr Harald Heker, referring to the society’s 1 April and 1 June distributions. Note, this may also mean there is trouble ahead: GEMA’s revenue from public performances in 2019 grew by 4.9% to €407.4m “mainly due to a robust concert year” – a description that certainly won’t be applied to 2020. However, GEMA did report strong growth in its online collections, which grew by 72.4% to €181.9m.
    Another noteworthy stat: in its results, GEMA said that it now represents 78,000 members, which is up from 74,000 a year ago – a 5.4% increase. How does its collections growth of 4.9% compare to some other large collecting societies? PRS for Music in the UK saw its collections grow by 8.7% last year, and ASCAP in the US’s grew by 3.8%.