Google把歌手John Legend的聲音作為Google智能助理的客串語音

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  • Google把歌手John Legend的聲音作為Google智能助理的客串語音


    ◎Google把歌手John Legend絲滑般的聲音作為Google智能助理的客串語音,在美國地區的限定時間內提供體驗。

    ◎用戶只需要說「嘿Google,像John Legend一樣說話」,就會聽到John Legend的聲音回答某些選擇出來的內容,這些內容包括當你要求Google智能助理講個笑話或回答諸如「外面溫度如何?」或「為什麼天空是藍色的?」之類的問題。當用戶詢問以下問題時也會聽到John Legend的聲音:「你是John Legend嗎?」、「你喜歡什麼類型的音樂?」、「誰是Chrissy Teigen?(John Legend的妻子)」、

    ◎用戶也可以在「助理設定」中的「助理語音」裡切換到John Legend的旋律語音。John Legend的聲音可以在所有具有Google智能助理的裝置上聽到,包括Google Home智能音箱和智能顯示器,以及使用Android和iOS系統的移動裝置。


    Google is rolling John Legend's silky voice as a cameo on Google Assistant, available for a limited time in the U.S. Want to experience it yourself?

    Just say, "Hey Google, talk like a Legend," and you'll hear Legend's voice for select content when you ask Assistant for jokes or for answers to questions like "What's the temperature outside?" or "Why is the sky blue?"

    You'll also hear John's voice when you ask about his personality and affinity for music with questions like:

    "Are you John Legend?"

    "What's your favorite type of music?"

    "Who is Chrissy Teigen?"

    "Tell me a joke."

    Users can also go to "Assistant voice" in Assistant Settings to switch to John's melodic voice.

    Legend's voice is available as a cameo on all devices that have the Google Assistant, including Google Home speakers and Smart Displays, and on mobile for Android and iOS.