Google招募音樂人 為虛擬藝術品導覽

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  • Google招募音樂人 為虛擬藝術品導覽


    ◎這是第二季《Art Zoom》系列的一部分。參加的音樂人包括:(J Balvin),(Ellie Goulding),(fka twigs ),(Grimes),1975的(Matty Healy)和Twice的(Chaeyoung),他們談論的是從歐洲文藝復興時期到韓國的藝術品。
    ◎緊隨其後的系列還有:(Jarvis Cocker),(Feist),(Maggie Rogers),(Girl in Red)和(LoloZouaï)。
    ◎這些導覽可在(Google Arts&Culture)網站,或通過其行動應用程序免費觀看。


    Lots of musicians have artistic interests well beyond music. Now Google is capitalising on that through its Google Arts & Culture initiative, enlisting some popular musicians to act as virtual tour guides for works of art.
    It’s part of a series called ‘Art Zoom’, which is in its second season. J Balvin, Ellie Goulding, fka twigs, Grimes, Matty Healy from The 1975 and Chaeyoung from Twice are the musicians taking part, talking about artworks ranging from the European Renaissance to Korean landscapes.
    It follows a first series that featured Jarvis Cocker, Feist, Maggie Rogers, Girl in Red and Lolo Zouaï. The tours are available for free on the Google Arts & Culture website, or via its mobile app.