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  • Google本週末將啟動為期三天的廣播電台


    ◎蘋果有Beats 1廣播電台,現在Google則有「Nest Sessions」。它的野心並不完全相同,但是很有趣。
    ◎「Nest Sessions」被描述為“一種受心理學啟發的令人心情舒暢的音樂體驗”,將於5月23日至25日在英國進行現場直播,由聰明的演講者透過語音與「Nest Sessions」對話,其中將包括現場表演,問答和由(Celeste),(Sam Tompkins),(Olly Alexander),(Jessie Ware)和(Mae Muller)等藝人策劃的播放列表。
    ◎該時間表已發佈在英國Google的Nest Mini智慧揚聲器的產品頁面上,需要Google和Spotify帳戶,與網路連接。Google和Spotify在智慧音箱緊密合作,但是讓Spotify成為「Nest Sessions」的合作夥伴,而不是「YouTube Music」的合作夥伴,有點令人驚訝。


    Apple has its Beats 1 radio station, but now Google has Nest Sessions. Alright, it’s not quite on the same level of ambition, but it’s interesting.
    Described as “a mood-lifting music experience inspired by psychology”, Nest Sessions will broadcast live in the UK this weekend (23-25 May) accessed from smart speakers by saying ‘Hey Google, talk to Nest Sessions’. It’ll include live performances, Q&As and playlists curated by artists including Celeste, Sam Tompkins, Olly Alexander, Jessie Ware and Mae Muller.
    The schedule has been published on the product page for Google’s Nest Mini smart speaker in the UK, and two asterisks next to the title relate to some intriguing small print at the bottom of the page: “Content requires a Google and Spotify account, Assistant-enabled compatible devices, and Internet connection.”
    Google and Spotify have worked closely together around the former’s smart speakers, but it’s a little surprising that Spotify is the partner for Nest Sessions rather than YouTube Music.