Grow My Music推出「虛擬藝人經紀人」應用程式

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  • Grow My Music推出「虛擬藝人經紀人」應用程式

    ◎自2015年推出以來,Grow My Music已成為澳洲最新興的音樂產業資源之一。以提供音樂課程、研討會和歌曲創作營的音樂教育提供商而知名,Grow My Music在推出應用程式的同時,也將名為「虛擬藝人經紀人」的功能添加到其中。

    ◎作為第一個這樣的應用程式,Grow My Music每個月會提供學習資源之外,還將用戶的音樂推銷給著名的音樂公司,為用戶建立在音樂人需要的每個領域都有很棒的聯繫的團隊,每個月為藝人節省掉許多需要花錢的事情,成為加入很棒的歌曲創作營的門戶,每個月提供使用Hit-Producer節拍曲目的權限,同時還免費提供參加為期兩天的年度研討會的門票(價值1497澳幣)。

    ◎其創辦人兼執行長Martin Brown表示,許多Grow My Music課程的校友已經在經紀、電影、電視、版權等各個領域取得了成功,大多數校友都註冊參加了Grow My Music的音樂合作夥伴名單。名單中有包括混音工程師、MV導演、公關人員、周邊商品公司、錄音室等。他說「我們是一家數據驅動型公司,當我們對2016年和2017年的所有學生進行調查,詢問他們入學的主要原因時,有超過70%表示是為了Grow My Music的音樂合作夥伴名單。合作夥伴名單的目標就是為了更有效地建立藝人團隊」

    ◎Grow My Music應用程式是澳洲本地新興藝人的又一次勝利,在去年推出了為期兩天的研討會的線上版之後,參加Grow My Music年度研討會的人數與上一年相比增加了兩倍。該公司還開闢了數位營銷部門,並積極致力於將新興藝人與全球音樂產業結合起來。


    Since its launch in 2015, Grow My Music has proven itself as one of Australia's most burgeoning music industry resources. Best-known as a music education provider which offers music courses, seminars, and songwriting camps, Grow My Music has added the moniker 'virtual artist manager' to its stable with the launch of its app.

    Along with hosting learning resources, a contact list which includes access to hit-producer beat catalogues, the Grow My Music app pitches its users' music to notable music companies each month. Essentially, cutting out a few middle men to pitch tracks to music companies including major streaming services, publishers, multiple booking agents, and more.

    Co-founder and CEO Martin Brown said: "We wanted to create an app which allowed artists to have access to bigger picture opportunities more easily, build their teams more effectively, and save them money at the same time. We're pretty stoked with what we've come up with!"

    As a first of its kind, the app:

    Pitches your music to notable music companies each month

    Builds your team full of incredible contacts in every area a musician needs

    Saves you month every month on things you'd spend money on as an artist

    Is your portal to attend our amazing Song Writing Holidays

    Is your free ticket to our annual 2-Day seminars (valued at $1497)

    Provides you access to Hit-Producer beat catalogues every month

    Offers learning resources

    Martin Brown said that while many Grow My Music course alumni have gone on to achieve successes in a variety of areas – from high rotation on triple j to management deals, to movie and TV licensing deals – most students enrolled to gain access to the Grow My Music Partners List.

    The Grow My Music Partners List includes mix engineers, video directors, publicists, merch companies, recording studios and more.

    "We're quite a data driven company and when we surveyed all of our students from 2016 and 2017 asking them 'What the main reason for their enrolment was' over 70% chose the Grow My Music Partners List." said Brown. "The goal of the Partners List was to build artists' teams more effectively and make sure they didn't have to kiss any frogs before achieving a great result."

    The Grow My Music app is yet another win for local emerging artists. After releasing an online version of the 2-Day Seminar last year, Grow My Music tripled enrolments to the annual seminar, compared to the previous year.

    The company also opened up a digital marketing arm and is actively working to pair emerging artists with the global music industry.

    "This is just the start of the Grow My Music App," Brown said. "Wait until artists and the wider music industry see's what we do with it next!"

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