Hipgnosis最新的曲目收購包括Beyoncé、Usher和Mariah Carey的歌曲

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  • Hipgnosis最新的曲目收購包括Beyoncé、Usher和Mariah Carey的歌曲


    ◎Hipgnosis Songs透過收購三位詞曲創作者的目錄使其曲庫增加了許多暢銷歌曲,這些曲目包括Usher的〈Yeah〉、Mariah Carey的〈We Belong Together〉和Beyoncé的〈Check On It〉。

    ◎這三位詞曲創作者是Johntá Austin、Sean Garrett和Rico Love,他們加起來的目錄包含1000多首歌曲。這只是音樂投資IP公司Hipgnosis Songs近來一系列收購的最新一筆,該公司由Beyoncé和Guns N' Roses的前經紀人Merck Mercuriadis設立。Johntá Austin是獲得葛萊美獎的美國創作歌手兼編曲家、製作人和饒舌歌手,他創作了Mariah Carey的〈We Belong Together〉Janet Jackson的〈Call On Me〉以及Mary J Blige的〈Be Without You〉。製作人兼創作歌手Sean Garrett寫過Beyoncé的〈Check On It〉、Ciara的〈Goodies〉和Britney Spears的〈Toy Soldier〉等熱門歌曲。而饒舌歌手兼製作人Rico Love的創作曲目包括Beyoncé的〈Sweet Dreams〉和Usher的〈Throwback〉等。

    ◎該交易沒有披露細節,但這筆交易使得Hipgnosis在所有三人的目錄上獲得100%的權益,包括來自Johntá Austin和Sean Garrett的ASCAP版權組織收入以及來自Rico Love的SESAC版權組織收入。

    ◎Hipgnosis在1月下旬買下了Itaal Shur的目錄,他最著名的是共同創作了Santana和Rob Thomas合作的熱門歌曲〈Smooth〉。而一月稍早時,Hipgnosis獲得了多座葛萊美獎得主Giorgio Tuinfort的182首歌曲的權利,包括由Gwen Stefani、Nicki Minaj、Martin Garrix、Rihanna、Avicii,Usher、Will.i.am、Akon和Lionel Richie錄製的歌曲。此前,Hipgnosis還收購了Christopher "Tricky" Stewart、The-Dream和常常和Justin Bieber合作寫歌的Jason Boyd(藝名Poo Bear)的目錄中的股份。


    Hipgnosis Songs has scooped up another arsenal of hits with its acquisition of three songwriters' catalogs, a repertoire that includes rights to Usher's "Yeah," Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" and Beyoncé's "Check On It."

    Those writers are Johntá Austin, Sean Garrett and Rico Love, whose combined catalogs comprise more than 1,000 songs. The announcement is just the latest in a string of acquisitions for the music investment IP company, which was set up by former Beyoncé and Guns N' Roses manager Merck Mercuriadis.

    Austin is a Grammy-winning American singer-songwriter, arranger, producer, vocalist and rapper with credits on Carey's "We Belong Together," as well as Janet Jackson's "Call On Me" featuring Nelly and Mary J Blige's "Be Without You." Garrett, a producer and singer-songwriter, has credits on "Check On It" and has also co-written hits including Ciara's "Goodies" and Britney Spears' "Toy Soldier." And rapper-singer-producer Love's own writing catalog includes credits on Bey's "Sweet Dreams" and Usher's "Throwback," among others.

    "I'm very happy to be welcoming Johntá, Sean and Rico into the Hipgnosis family," said Mercuriadis in a statement. "They have each individually written standout songs that define the culture. From Mary J Blige to Usher to Beyoncé, these songs have played a critical role in the evolution of R&B and pop music as we know it today."

    Terms were not disclosed for the deal, which gives Hipgnosis a 100 percent interest in all three catalogs, including ASCAP income from Austin and Garrett and SESAC income from Love. For the company's deal with Garrett, Hipgnosis also receives income from BMI.

    In late January, Hipgnosis picked up the catalog of Itaal Shur, best known for co-writing the Santana and Rob Thomas smash hit "Smooth." Earlier that same month, Hipgnosis scored the rights to 182 songs by multiple Grammy-winner Giorgio Tuinfort, including songs recorded by Gwen Stefani, Nicki Minaj, Martin Garrix, Rihanna, Avicii, Usher, Will.i.am, Akon and Lionel Richie.

    Previously, Hipgnosis also acquired stakes in the catalogs of Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, The-Dream and frequent Justin Bieber collaborator Jason Boyd (a.k.a. Poo Bear).