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  • Hipgnosis歌曲基金募集到1.85億美元以購買更多的曲目


    ◎在Nile Rodgers接受NPR採訪關於美國版權版稅委員會CRB的費率上訴一事中,他提到了英國的Hipgnosis歌曲基金,它「向金融界證明了暢銷歌曲可以像黃金或石油那樣是可投資的金融工具」。

    ◎在該篇報導發布後,該基金正準備繼續再次成長約1.85億美元。該基金創始人Merck Mercuriadis在去年夏天以超過2.6億美元的價格購買了許多歌曲創作者目錄中的股份之後不到一年,該基金及Merck Mercuriadis就籌集到了這樣的金額。

    ◎同時身為Nile Rodgers經紀人的Merck Mercuriadis也在新一輪募資的聲明中以「黃金/石油」來做比擬,他表示「不到一年前,我們開始向金融界證明,經過驗證的熱門歌曲是可預測和可靠的,因此可以像黃金或石油一樣來投資。我們今天籌集了超過1.4億英鎊,且自IPO以來已籌集了近3.5億英鎊,我很高興我們得到了一流投資者在早期的大力支持,因為這不僅是對Hipgnosis的信任投票,還是對暢銷歌曲在全世界的力量的認知肯定。」


    In Nile Rodgers' NPR interview about CRB-rates appeals, he also mentioned the Hipgnosis Songs Fund in the UK as something that has "demonstrated to the financial community that hit songs are as investable financial instruments as gold or oil".

    As the interview was published, the fund was preparing to grow again – by around $185m. That's the amount (£141.5m in sterling) raised by the fund and its founder Merck Mercuriadis, less than a year after drumming up more than $260m last summer to buy stakes in various songwriters' catalogues.

    Mercuriadis, who also manages Rodgers, also referred to the 'gold/oil' comparison in his statement on the new raise. "Less than a year ago we set out to demonstrate to the financial community that proven hit songs were as predictable and reliable, and therefore as investable as gold or oil," he said. "Having raised over £140 million today and almost £350 million since the IPO, I am delighted that we have this tremendous early support from best in class investors as this is not only a vote of confidence in Hipgnosis, it's an acknowledgement of the power of hit songs all over the world."