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  • HostBaby將帳戶轉移到Bandzoogle


    ◎最大線上遊戲最大分銷商之一、CD Baby一直提供許多在線功能,包括藝人透過名為HostBaby的公司託管其網站的選項。但是,最近母公司宣布他們計劃將所有藝人網站帳戶轉移到Bandzoogle。兩公司沒有宣布過渡時間表,但都表示希望無縫接軌,與此同時,HostBaby不再接受新訂閱。
    ◎HostBaby表示,用戶將能保留網域名稱、電子郵件信箱,通過CD Baby購買的所有託管時間,及通過CD Baby進行的所有交易都沒有問題。


    Established as one of the biggest online distributors in the game, CD Baby has consistently provided a number of online features, including the option for artists to host their website through a company called HostBaby. No more, however, with the parent company recently announcing their plan to transfer all artist site accounts to Bandzoogle.
    CD Baby has been one of the largest online music distributors for some time, and it’s always offered a number of additional features. One of these features is a place for an artist or band to host their website, which the company called HostBaby. Now the company has announced that it’s shutting down HostBaby and transferring all accounts to Bandzoogle.
    If you’re a HostBaby user, this might sound ominous, but you may not see that much of your online life affected. The company said that you’ll be able to keep your domain name, any email inboxes, all hosting time purchased through CD Baby, and all deals made through CD Baby with no problem.
    Bandzoogle has a lot to offer that users might find useful as well. Things like mobile-friendly templates, direct-to-fan eCommerce features to sell their music, merch and tickets, crowdfunding and fan subscriptions, and integrations with platforms such as Bandsintown and YouTube will be welcome additions for most artists.
    No timetable has been announced for the transition, but both companies say that they expect it to be seamless and transparent to its users. In the meantime, HostBaby is no longer accepting new subscriptions, and their website even seems to be offline.
    Unfortunately, having a platform either substantially change or shut down is a fact of online life. It’s best not to get too comfortable with any social service or media platform because adjustments are inevitable. The best you can hope for is for something like what’s happening between HostBaby and Bandzoogle where the account transfer is easy and painless (if indeed that ends up being the case).