House of Blues於其所有演出場館中禁用塑料吸管,52個Live Nation的場館則是「有要求才提供」

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  • House of Blues於其所有演出場館中禁用塑料吸管,52個Live Nation的場館則是「有要求才提供」


    ◎美國連鎖的演出場館House of Blues已於其所有的場館中完全排除了塑料吸管的使用。7月份的時候,52個Live Nation擁有和營運的場館以及50個House of Blues娛樂公司的場館實施了「有要求才提供吸管」的政策,而現在,House of Blues又更進一步改變相關規定。
    ◎與環境保護組織Lonely Whale合作,Live Nation今年可望排除超過600萬支塑料吸管的使用,其目標是到2020年時,在該公司的20個場館達成零廢棄物。


    House of Blues is completely eliminating plastic straws from all of its venues. A “straw-by-request” policy was implemented at 52 Live Nation-owned and -operated venues and 50 House of Blues Entertainment venues in July. Now, HOB is going farther.
    In partnership with environmental group Lonely Whale, Live Nation is on track to eliminate the use of more than 6 million plastic straws this year and with a goal of achieving Zero Waste in 20 of the company’s venues by 2020.
    Increasingly eco-activist music fans are demanding action and a “straw-by-request” policy is the kind of policy that every venue and bar could implement immediately.