House of Blues Music Forward基金會推出25週年的活動募集資金

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  • House of Blues Music Forward基金會推出25週年的活動募集資金

    ◎House of Blues Music Forward基金會宣布了一項為期25週的活動以慶祝該組織的成立25週年。該活動旨在為「持續並擴大有影響力的計劃」籌集到25萬美元,集中用於「可以為下一代音樂產業領導者和創新者促進機會」的年輕人身上。

    ◎該活動已經獲得了City National、EPAM、Go Vision、萬事達卡、Oracle和Visa的支持,另外還有25名其生活曾經因為Music Forward的影響而改變的人所寫的推薦信。另外還將舉行線上拍賣,有機會競標獨特的音樂紀念品和體驗,以及在全美國各地由Live Nation營運的House of Blues場館所舉辦的特別活動。

    ◎Music Forward成立於1993年,聚焦於來自一些沒有相對應的地位的社區的12-22歲的年輕人,為他們提供工作坊和表演機會,好讓他們可以開始他們的音樂事業。根據其內部數據,100%的校友都有獲得雇用或進入學校就讀,94%的人表示經常會利用到他們從Music Forward獲得的技能和知識。


    The House of Blues Music Forward Foundation has announced a 25-week campaign marking the youth organization's 25th anniversary. The campaign aims to raise $250,000 to "continue and expand impactful programs" focusing on young people "that accelerate opportunities for the next generation of music industry leaders and innovators."

    The campaign has already received the support of City National, EPAM, Go Vision, Mastercard, Oracle and Visa, and will include testimonials from 25 individuals whose lives have been impacted by Music Forward throughout its history. There will also be online auctions for a chance to bid on unique music memorabilia and experiences, as well as special events held at Live Nation-owned House of Blues venues across the country.

    Formed in 1993, Music Forward focuses on people ages 12-22 who hail from under-represented communities, providing workshops and showcases aimed at kick-starting musical careers. According to its internal data, 100 percent of alumni are employed or in school, and 94 percent regularly leverage skills and knowledge they gained from Music Forward.

    "I love being involved because I see myself in these young people -- they are curious and passionate about starting a career in the music industry," said Manuel Moran, Live Nation's Vice President of Latin Touring and Music Forward mentor. "We have an opportunity to inspire these young people and show them the many possibilities available to them in this industry. The experience provided me with a unique sense of purpose."