Iceland Airwaves是第一個縮小性別差距的國際音樂節

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  • Iceland Airwaves是第一個縮小性別差距的國際音樂節


    ◎Iceland Airwaves(冰島電波)已經成為美國地區以外第一個縮小性別差距的重要國際音樂節。他們的行動是鼓勵及頌揚全球女性音樂人的倡議Keychange的一部分,在該倡議中,有109個音樂節去年9月承諾會在音樂節上促進性別平等,目標是到2020年時達到性別比例平等。到目前為止,世界上最大的音樂節包括Glastonbury和Coachella都沒有簽署這項倡議,儘管他們有些提供了財務上的支持。

    ◎第20屆Iceland Airwaves音樂節將於11月7日至10日舉行。今年的演出陣容包括國際上的歌手如法羅群島的明星Eivør、瑞典的表演者Fever Ray和美國的Soccer Mommy以及冰島當地受歡迎的音樂人如Sóley、Young Karin和Hildur等。


    Iceland Airwaves has become the first major international festival outside of the U.S. to close the gender gap. Their move is a part of the global initiative Keychange, in which 109 festivals pledged last September to further gender equality at music festivals with the goal of achieving an equal gender ratio by 2020.

    In explaining just how simple it actually was for the festival to meet such a goal, Iceland Airwaves' head of operations Will Larnach-Jones, recently told the New York Times:

    "We looked at people we really liked, and then in meetings said, 'Do we have enough?' Happily, we always did. That shows you don't have to try hard — there's so many inspiring women around."

    To date, none of the world's largest festivals including Glastonbury and Coachella have signed up to the initiative, though some have offered financial support.

    The 20th edition of Iceland Airwaves takes place November 7-10th. This year's lineup includes international acts such as Faroese star Eivør, Swedish performer Fever Ray and Soccer Mommy (U.S.) as well as popular local musicians like Sóley, Young Karin and Hildur.