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  • iHeartMedia在將脫離破產困境之際提出1億美元股票首次公開募股申請




    ◎iHeartMedia在10年前被私有化,後來還為當時Clear Channel Communications的槓桿收購提供資金而承擔了巨額債務。今年1月,iHeart宣布進行重組,將債務從161億美元削減至57.5億美元,並從Clear Channel分拆出來,Clear Channel現在主要是一家戶外廣告公司。



    iHeartMedia, the dominant player in US radio broadcasting, has filed a $100 million IPO offering of Class A shares, just as it nears exiting bankruptcy.

    With 855 stations and numerous digital properties, iHeartMedia estimates a monthly reach of 275 million listeners over the age of 6, outpacing Google (251 million) and Facebook (215 million) in terms of digital U.S. audience, as measured by Comscore in February of this year.

    "We believe our advantage is driven by our unique ability to build relationships and engage a broad spectrum of audiences and demographics as we fulfill listeners' need for companionship and to be connected with the world," the company said in the filing.

    iHeartMedia was taken private ten years ago and later took on massive debt to finance the leveraged buyout of what was then Clear Channel Communications. In January, iHeart announced a reorganization that cut its debt from $16.1 billion to $5.75 billion and included separating from Clear Channel, which is now primarily an outdoor advertising company.

    In recent years, broadcast radio has been pressured by music streaming, as many fans move to playlists and podcasts for music and information.