iHeartRadio將藝人資產從Muzooka添加到iHeartRadio Music Charts

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  • iHeartRadio將藝人資產從Muzooka添加到iHeartRadio Music Charts


    ◎Muzooka和iHeartMedia合作將Muzooka的藝人資產(包括照片、視頻、簡歷等)整合到由Mediabase提供支持的iHeartRadio Music Charts中。


    Muzooka and iHeartMedia have partnered to integrate Muzooka’s artist assets including photos, videos, bios and more into the iHeartRadio Music Charts powered by Mediabase.
    Muzooka is an industry central hub where artists and their teams have the ability to manage their own assets across multiple platforms. The company also automates live setlist reporting to performing rights organizations, ensuring that songwriters are properly paid when their songs are played onstage.
    As part of the deal, if an artist manager wants to update an artist photo or social media links on the iHeartRadio charts, they can now do so on Muzooka.com in real time, giving them seamless access to ensure artists information is accurate and up-to-date.
    Commenting on the partnership, Shawn Wilson, Founder and CEO of Muzooka, said: “Muzooka has always been an artist-focused company. Asset management and setlist reporting are what we focus on, and both are major priorities for artists in the music industry. This partnership with iHeart is a giant step forward in supplying solutions worldwide.”
    Alissa Pollack, EVP of Global Music Marketing at iHeartMedia, added: “We are committed to helping artists maintain their professional portfolios and assets to the highest quality, providing music fans the latest information about their favorite artists. Muzooka is artist-oriented and our partnership with them is a one stop shop, giving artist teams’ immediate access to control and update their talent’s information on our charts at their fingertips, making the process efficient and convenient.”