iHeartRadio推出「Your Weekly Mixtape」這個每週新歌播放清單

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  • iHeartRadio推出「Your Weekly Mixtape」這個每週新歌播放清單


    ◎iHeartRadio增加了「Your Weekly Mixtape」這個為廣播愛好者提供的每週新發現個人化播放清單,混合了訂閱戶喜愛的藝人和歌曲的音樂組合,以及「為每個聽眾精心選出的每週最新發行和熱門音樂」

    ◎iHeartRadio表示,每週一「Your Weekly Mixtape」播放清單內會有30到70首歌曲並重新整理出新發行的音樂。用戶聆聽iHeartRadio越多,其「Your Weekly Mixtape」播放清單就會變得越聰明,且每週都會去適應用戶的音樂偏好。用戶可以透過經常收聽他們喜愛的電台和藝人,以及使用iHeartRadio的「點讚」功能,幫助影響其「Your Weekly Mixtape」中的音樂選擇。

    ◎所有iHeartRadio的註冊用戶(包括付費訂閱戶和免費註冊用戶)都能夠在「For You」區塊中,以及iOS和Android系統裝置的「Your Library」內的播放清單列表,或在網站上的「我的音樂」中找到他們的「Your Weekly Mixtape」播放清單。


    iHeartRadio has added "Your Weekly Mixtape." This "Discover Weekly" for radio fans offers registered users a personalized playlist that mixes music from favorite artists and songs, as well as, new releases and trending music "fine-tuned for each individual listener" each week.


    Your Weekly Mixtape contains 30 to 70 songs and refreshes with new music every Monday.

    Your Weekly Mixtape gets smarter the more you listen to iHeartRadio and adapt to your music preferences each week.

    Users can help influence the music selections in Your Weekly Mixtape by frequently listening to their favorite stations and artists, and using iHeartRadio's thumbs up feature.

    All iHeartRadio Registered Users (which includes both paying subscribers and free registered users) will be able to find their Your Weekly Mixtape over the next few days in 'For You,' and in their list of playlists inside 'Your Library' on iOS and Android, or in 'My Music' on Web.