Instagram計劃推出新的較長影片的功能以與YouTube和Snapchat Discover競爭

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    • 201806/1517:19

    ◎之前一份報導顯示Instagram正在增加對長度達1小時的影片的支援功能,而TechCrunch現在提供有關該公司的影片計劃的更多詳情。TechCrunch表示Instagram的影片計劃可以被認為是「YouTube的競爭對手以及對Snapchat Discover的挑戰」。據說Instagram正在計劃為有劇本的演出、音樂影片等提供專門的服務;所有的影片將以垂直方向和4K解析度拍攝。

    ◎據報導,Instagram已經與社群媒體明星和內容發布商會面,將聚集他們為該功能的發布合作夥伴,該功能目前預計於6月20日發布。預期這不會成為Netflix的競爭對手,因為這些影片不會是Netflix Originals或HBO等級的品質,相反的,其聚焦於來自獨立創作者的更多YouTube風格的影片。這些影片的長度通常在5到15分鐘之間,用好的照相機和燈光拍攝,但不是一些大型好萊塢電影的製作團隊。一般用戶也將能夠上傳較長的影片,超過當前的60秒限制。新的較長格式影片中心將包含「精選影片」和「熱門影片」以及「繼續觀看」功能,以允許用戶將較長影片分成幾次觀看完。



    Following a report yesterday suggesting Instagram was adding support for videos up to 1 hour in length, TechCrunch now offers additional details on the company's video plans. The report likens Instagram's video plans to Snapchat's Discover feature...

    TechCrunch says Instagram's video plans can be described as a "YouTube competitor and its take on Snapchat Discover." Instagram is said to be planning a dedicated home for scripted shows, music videos, and more. All of the videos will be in vertical orientation and 4K resolution.

    Instagram has reportedly been meeting with social media stars and content publishers to roundup launch partners for the feature, which is currently slated to launch on June 20th.

    This isn't expected to be a Netflix competitor by any stretch of the imagination. Instead, it's focused on more YouTube-style videos from independent creators:

    The public shouldn't expect Netflix Originals or HBO-level quality. This is not "InstaGame of Thrones." Instead, the feature is more focused on the kind of videos you see from YouTube creators.

    These often range from five to 15 minutes in length, shot with nice cameras and lighting but not some massive Hollywood movie production crew. Average users will be able to upload longer videos too, beyond the current 60-second limit.

    The new long-form video hub will feature curated videos and popular videos, as well as a "continue watching" feature to allow users to split viewing of longer videos into shorter sessions.

    As for monetization, today's report says Instagram has not yet finalized its plans. It "eventually intends to let creators and publishers earn money off the longer videos, though it hasn't finalized how accompanying ads like pre-rolls and mid-breaks or revenue splits will work."

    TechCrunch's focuses primarily on how Instagram is working with high-profile social media stars to product "professionally produced video," while yesterday's report focused more on the ability for regular users to upload longer videos.