Instagram隱藏「Likes」的決定 會如何影響您

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  • Instagram隱藏「Likes」的決定 會如何影響您


    ◎「Artist Influence」執行長(Jared Rapoza)負責為包括Sony和WMG在內的客戶處理社群媒體策略。他懷疑,一旦「Likes」被隱藏起來,可能會立即產生影響,「每個人的參與度都會下降」。但他也說,實際並不那麼糟糕,人們將開始關心有實際內容、不是一時興起的發文。只要採用正確方法,對於關注發文的關注者可能會更好。對於藝人來說,從事視覺內容開發工作,並製作出與自己的品牌相符、引人注目的內容至關重要,將吸引點閱。


    Instagram’s recent move to hide likes has been met with some controversy, and many bands and artists are justifiably concerned about the impact the switch will have on their marketing efforts.
    As Instagram prepares to rollout its move to hide the numbers of likes on a post, you might be wondering how this will impact your marketing strategy. After all, likes are the most visible sign that people are interested in your work and that number lets everyone from concert promoters to record labels know that people are following your work.
    Jared Rapoza, founder and CEO of Artist Influence, who handles social media strategies for clients that include Sony and WMG, suspects that there might be immediate impact once the likes go into hiding. “I think that everyone is going to have a drop in engagement,” he says.
    But, that might not be as bad as it sounds. “I think people are going to start caring about the actual content,” he says. “They won’t just be jumping on the bandwagon because a post has 100,000 likes.” That could actually be better for developing a following that engages in your posts, so long as you take the right approach. Focus on the message itself. You won’t be posting for the likes. Says Rapoza, “It’s going to be important for artists to work on their visual content development and making compelling content that aligns with their brand that’s going to get people to click on it.”