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  • iTunes的信息售予第三方導致集體訴訟



    ◎根據5月24日在加州北部聯邦特區提出的訴訟,Leigh Wheaton、Jill Paul和Trevor Paul(來自羅德島州和密西根州的iTunes用戶)聲稱Apple通過與第三方開發商、數據聚合器、數據合作夥伴和名單掮客等,對每位消費者從iTunes Store進行購買時的音樂信息,進行銷售、租賃和傳輸來補充其收入。該訴訟進一步聲稱,在Apple公佈其消費者的個人聆聽信息後,收到此數據的人會將其與Apple客戶的其他個人信息相匹配,然後在公開市場上轉售該信息。



    Apple has been slapped with a federal class action lawsuit by customers alleging that information linked to their iTunes purchases was sold by Apple to various third parties. The plaintiffs argue that this was done in violation of their own individual states' privacy laws and are seeking an excess of $5 million in damages.

    According to the lawsuit that was filed May 24 in California's Northern Federal District, Leigh Wheaton, Jill Paul and Trevor Paul (iTunes users from Rhode Island and Michigan) are alleging that Apple supplements its revenues by selling, renting and transmitting with third party developers, data aggregators, data cooperatives, and list brokers among others, information about the music that each customer purchases from the iTunes Store.

    The lawsuit further alleges that after Apple discloses its customers' personal listening information, the recipients of this data then match it to other personal information on Apple's customers and then resell that information on the open market.

    While the lawsuit makes the claim that "Apple does not notify let alone obtain the requisite written consent from its customers prior to disclosing their personal information," the tech giant's privacy policy does state that Apple collects "non-personal information" and that it "reserve[s] the right to collect, use, transfer, and disclose that non-personal information for any purpose."