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  • Jay-Z和Timbaland被控告其90年代發行的歌曲侵權


    ◎Jay-Z和Timbaland被靈魂歌手Ernie Hines控告,根據在紐約的美國地區法院提交的文件中顯示,2首在20年前分別發行的歌曲,侵犯了他1970年的單曲〈Help Me Put Out the Flame (In My Heart)〉的版權。

    ◎在5月18日提起的訴訟中,Ernie Hines聲稱他共同創作的〈Help Me Put Out the Flame (In My Heart)〉,被Jay-Z的1998年專輯《Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life》中的歌曲〈Paper Chase〉和Ginuwine的1999年專輯《100% Ginuwine》中的歌曲〈Toe 2 Toe〉取樣使用,而未讓他知道或同意也沒給予他應得的利益。這兩首歌都是由Timbaland創作和製作的。

    ◎這位81歲的歌手還聲稱侵權是「故意的」,並引用了Jay-Z的串流服務TIDAL上所列出的〈Paper Chase〉的歌曲信息中稱有取樣〈Help Me Put Out the Flame (In My Heart)〉。Ernie Hines尋求「由法院確定」的賠償金額之外,並要求法院「認為公正和公平」的利息、律師費及其他救濟。該訴訟中的其他被告包括Jay-Z的Roc-A-Fella唱片公司、Def Jam唱片公司和環球音樂集團(〈Paper Chase〉的發行公司)及發行〈Toe 2 Toe〉的索尼音樂控股公司。Ginuwine(又名Elgin Lumpkin)並沒有被列名為被告。


    Jay-Z and Timbaland are being sued by soul singer Ernie Hines for copyright infringement over the use of his 1970 single "Help Me Put Out the Flame (In My Heart)" on two separate songs released 20 years ago, documents filed in U.S. District Court in New York reveal.

    In the suit, filed on May 18, Hines claims that "Help Me," which he co-wrote and composed, was sampled on both Jay-Z's song "Paper Chase" from his 1998 album Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life and Ginuwine's "Toe 2 Toe" from his 1999 album 100% Ginuwine, without his knowledge or consent and with no financial benefit to him. Both songs were composed and produced by Timbaland.

    The 81-year-old also alleges that the infringement was "willful," citing the credits for "Paper Chase" on Jay-Z's streaming service TIDAL, which he claims list the "Help Me" sample. Hines is asking for a dollar amount "to be determined by the Court," in addition to interest, attorneys fees and other relief the court "deems just and equitable."

    Other defendants named in the suit include Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella Records, Def Jam Recordings and Universal Music Group (the labels behind "Paper Chase") and Sony Music Holdings, which released "Toe 2 Toe." Ginuwine (a.k.a. Elgin Lumpkin) was not named as a defendant.