Jay-Z的TIDAL斥資700萬美元 與Sensorium合作推出VR音樂會

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  • Jay-Z的TIDAL斥資700萬美元 與Sensorium合作推出VR音樂會


    ◎音樂流媒體TIDAL已購買700萬美元的全球社交VR平台Sensorium發行的代幣。這項交易使TIDAL能夠轉播沉浸式虛擬現實內容,包括藝人 (JAY-Z),(Lil Wayne),(Rihanna),(Calvin Harris),(Daft Punk)和(Coldplay)的(Chris Martin)。
    ◎「Sensorium Galaxy」平台使用戶有權限使用虛擬音樂會,並能夠與其他參與者和化身進行交流。除了可以VR頭戴式耳機身臨其境外,但也可以通過PC,iOS和Android應用程式使使用「Sensorium Galaxy」。
    ◎「Sensorium Galaxy」與TIDAL之間的合作是在最近宣布與發起人(Yann Pissenem)建立合作夥伴關係後開始的,(Yann Pissenem)通過創建(UshuaïaIbiza)和(HïIbiza)夜生活中心,在塑造Ibiza島當今的現代俱樂部景觀中發揮了作用。他加入Sensorium,擔任「Sensorium Galaxy」虛擬音樂空間的開發人員。


    Music streamer TIDAL has purchased of $7 million in tokens issued by global social VR platform Sensorium
    The deal makes it possible for TIDAL to broadcast immersive virtual reality content, including from the music streamer’s artist-owners JAY-Z, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Daft Punk and Coldplay’s Chris Martin.
    The Sensorium Galaxy platform provides users with access to an all-digital alternate universe with access to virtual concerts and the ability to interact with other participants and avatars “while experiencing a unique, world-first, communal social experience.”
    Although VR headsets offer the best immersive experience, the Sensorium Galaxy will also be accessible through PC, iOS, and Android applications.
    “Our relationship with Sensorium provides TIDAL with the opportunity to gain exclusive rights for its stellar artist roster to have their shows and music broadcast exclusively within Sensorium’s themed virtual entertainment worlds,” says Lior Tibon, Chief Operating Officer at TIDAL. “The Sensorium Galaxy is a next-generation platform for entertainment consumption which will elevate the connection fans have with their favorite artists, and bring artist’s vision to life in a new and exciting way.”
    Brian Kean, Chief Communications Officer at Sensorium Corporation: “This is a very important transaction that will not only propel Sensorium Galaxy forward but could also see world-famous artists creating their own virtual music projects in Sensorium worlds.”
    The collaboration between Sensorium Galaxy and TIDAL follows the recent announcement of a partnership with the promoter Yann Pissenem, who played a role in the shaping of today’s modern clubbing landscape in Ibiza by creating Ushuaïa Ibiza and Hï Ibiza nightlife hubs. He joined Sensorium as the developer of the virtual music space in the Sensorium Galaxy.