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  • K-pop在Spotify上串流量為410億-其中80億是BTS


    ◎BTS的最新專輯《Map of the Soul: 7》在世界各地引起轟動,Spotify表示,自2014年推出旗艦店「K-Pop Daebak」播放列表以來,第二年又擴大了K-Pop樞紐,Spotify上的K-Pop流量已超過410億。截至本月(2020年2月),BTS的流量已超過80億,占2014年後的K-Pop總發行量的20%,是第一位於2019年4月,在Spotify上達到50億串流里程碑的亞洲藝人。
    ◎Spotify列舉了(Blackpink),(Exo),(Twice)和(Red Velvet)等頗受歡迎的K-Pop藝人,表示從2014年1月至2020年1月之間,K-Pop在Spotify上的聆聽率成長了1,800%以上。Spotify的K-Pop聽眾中有73%是女性,而53%的年齡介於18至24歲之間,而Spotify上K-Pop音樂的最大市場是美國,印尼,菲律賓,日本和巴西。


    With BTS’ latest album ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ making waves around the world, it’s a good time for a streaming service to be shouting about the popularity of K-Pop on its platform. Spotify is that service: the company says that since the launch of its flagship ‘K-Pop Daebak’ playlist in 2014 then a wider K-Pop hub the following year, there have been more than 41bn K-Pop streams on Spotify. No surprises for guessing the top Korean group, either: having become the first Asian artist to reach the 5bn streams milestone on Spotify in April 2019, as of this month (February 2020) BTS now have more than 8bn streams – nearly 20% of the post-2014 K-Pop total.
    Spotify cited Blackpink, Exo, Twice and Red Velvet as other K-Pop artists who’ve been popular with its listeners, adding that K-Pop’s share of listening on Spotify has grown by more than 1,800% between January 2014 and January 2020. 73% of Spotify’s K-Pop listeners are female, and 53% are aged between 18 and 24, while the biggest markets for this music on Spotify are the US, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan and Brazil – remember, Spotify isn’t available in South Korea itself yet, although it’s rumoured to be launching there this year.
    The stats were published as BTS launched an ‘enhanced album’ on Spotify for ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ – although at the time of writing, the enhancements appear to be just short intro and outro videos book-ending the album tracks. As of today, BTS have 17.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify, making them the 148th most popular artist on the platform.