Kanye West向EMI、Roc-a-Fella、環球音樂、Def Jam等公司提出訴訟

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  • Kanye West向EMI、Roc-a-Fella、環球音樂、Def Jam等公司提出訴訟


    ◎Kanye West已經向EMI音樂出版公司和Roc-a-Fella唱片公司、環球音樂公司、Def Jam公司和週邊商品公司Bravado International Group提起了一系列訴訟,很顯然是為了解除所有合約的義務。

    ◎據好萊塢報導稱,這些訴訟是於1月25日在洛杉磯高等法院提出。據報導,Kanye West正在尋求確認性救濟,並聲稱歌曲出版商和唱片公司不當得利。他同時也在尋求轉移財產。

    ◎EMI自2003年他大獲成功的首張專輯《The College Dropout》發行之前以來,就一直是Kanye West的作品出版商。


    Kanye West has filed a pair of lawsuits against EMI Music Publishing and Roc-a-Fella Records, UMG Recordings, Def Jam and merchandiser Bravado International Group in an apparent attempt to free himself of all contractual obligations.

    The complaints were filed on Friday (January 25) in Los Angeles Superior Court, according to THR.

    West is reportedly seeking declaratory relief plus alleging unjust enrichment on the part of the song publisher and record companies. He is also seeking a transfer of property.

    EMI has served as the rapper/songwriter's publisher since 2003, shortly before the release of his massively successful debut album, The College Dropout.

    West is being represented by Quinn Emanuel litigator Robert Schwartz.