Katy Perry及Capitol唱片公司因〈Dark Horse〉抄襲而需支付278萬美元的賠償金

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  • Katy Perry及Capitol唱片公司因〈Dark Horse〉抄襲而需支付278萬美元的賠償金


    ◎陪審團裁定Katy Perry和Capitol唱片公司必須支付278萬美元賠償金,因為她在2013年的〈Dark Horse〉一曲,被判定為抄襲一首基督教饒舌歌曲〈Joyful Noise〉。

    ◎據美聯社報導,Katy Perry本人將支付55萬美元的罰金,而Capitol唱片將負責剩餘賠償金的絕大部分。

    ◎陪審團於8月1日向〈Joyful Noise〉這首2009年歌曲的創作者Marcus Gray及其兩位共同創作者授與了這筆賠償金。


    A jury found that Katy Perry, her collaborators and Capitol Records must pay $2.78 million in damages after it was determined that her 2013 hit "Dark Horse" copied a Christian rap song.

    Perry herself was hit for just over $550,000, with Capitol Records responsible for the vast majority of the remaining money owed, reports AP.

    The jury awarded the money Thursday (Aug. 1) to Marcus Gray (AKA Flame) and his two co-writers on the 2009 song "Joyful Noise."