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  • KKBox與Microsoft的新交易包括AI音樂計劃


    ◎KKBox將利用Microsoft AI技術來構建AI輔助的音樂編排系統和AI輔助的歌詞產生器。此外,該小組將建立一個預測模型,該模型使用數據和AI來預測歌曲的商業成功。KKBox和Microsoft認為,數位娛樂行業正面臨轉型,必須使用技術為用戶提供更快、更流暢的內容,並使用數據驅動的方法來建立個性化服務。
    ◎這不是串流媒體服務探索AI音樂生成的第一個範例。由AI音樂大師(FrançoisPachet)領導的Spotify創作者技術研究實驗室,為Skygge最近的《American Folk Songs》EP製作了工具。同時,一年前,騰訊音樂與AI音樂創業公司Amper Music達成一項交易,以向用戶提供後者的技術。


    Taiwanese streaming service KKBox announced a partnership with Microsoft at the end of 2019, and while on the surface it was a fairly dry B2B story about cloud infrastructure, there’s more to it. So yes, KKBox will be migrating its service to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, but the press release for the deal outlined another aspect to the companies’ collaboration.
    “KKBox will leverage Microsoft AI technology to build an AI-assisted music arrangement system and an AI-assisted lyric generator,” it explained. “In addition, the group will create a predictive model that uses data and AI to forecast the commercial success of a song. KKBox and Microsoft believe that the digital entertainment industry is facing a transformation and must use technology to make content faster and smoother for users and to use a data-driven approach to create personalised services.”
    It’s not the first example of a streaming service exploring AI music generation. Spotify’s creator technology research lab, headed by AI-music guru François Pachet, created tools used for Skygge’s recent ‘American Folk Songs’ EP. Meanwhile, a year ago Tencent Music struck a deal with AI music startup Amper Music to make the latter’s technology available for its users.