LANDR提供來自Dirty Projectors等創作的不需版稅的樣本

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  • LANDR提供來自Dirty Projectors等創作的不需版稅的樣本


    ◎LANDR推出了「樣本」,向使用該項由AI驅動的自動化母帶製作服務的170萬名製作人提供不需支付版稅的樣本。該公司與Dirty Projectors、Marc Houle、Pan-Pot、Mike&Keys、Jazzfeezy等合作,提供了一系列由他們策劃的獨家樣本。

    ◎新的樣本服務將使LANDR的用戶可以免費使用其不斷增加內容的資料庫,除了定期推出新的套裝內容之外,LANDR也即將增加來自其用戶社群的樣本提交。LANDR的創意總監兼音樂人Rory Seydel表示「作為一名音樂人,你經常發現自己陷入創意的困境。經由Samples的幫助,可以透過播放來自主流風格之外的聲音來為歌曲創造新想法」。



    LANDR has launched "Samples" to provide royalty-free samples to the 1.7 million producers using the AI driven automated mastering service. The company partnered with Dirty Projectors, Marc Houle, Pan-Pot, Mike & Keys, Jazzfeezy and others to offer a curated set of exclusive samples.

    A new sample service will give LANDR users free access to a growing library. In addition to regular releases of new packs, LANDR will soon add sample submissions from its user community.

    "As a musician, you often find yourself stuck creatively. With Samples, you can spark new ideas for tracks by playing with sounds from outside your main genre," said LANDR's Creative Director and musician Rory Seydel. "We are giving back to the musicians that have helped make LANDR a success, and providing new possibilities for them to create great music in the future."

    LANDR also plans to provide support services for musicians creating samples, including educational resources on best practices for creating sample packs, selling loops, one-shots and other sample-based content.

    "Samples can be a great source of inspiration when you're not sure where to start or what else to add. I hope the sounds I've contributed can give other musicians a spark of creativity when they need it." Said Berlin based Techno pioneer, Marc Houle.