Lindsey Stirling使用新創公司Wave舉行虛擬演唱會

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  • Lindsey Stirling使用新創公司Wave舉行虛擬演唱會


    ◎TheWaveVR是2016年第一批以音樂為主的虛擬實境新創公司之一,有一些很好的想法,不僅僅是在360度拍攝演唱會。從那時起,它又募集250萬美元資金,然後又集資600萬美元,並與藝人The Glitch Mob一起發展其技術。
    ◎TheWaveVR已經從重新改名為Wave,直播藝人Lindsey Stirling現場音樂會。音樂會另一個關鍵點是:演出不僅限於使用HTC Vive或Oculus Rift耳機的人,只要已經下載Wave應用程式。此次演出也通過Stirling的YouTube和Facebook及Wave的Twitch頻道進行線上直播。


    Music Ally was interested early in TheWaveVR: in 2016 it was one of the first wave of music-focused virtual-reality startups, and it had some good ideas about doing more than just filming concerts in 360 degrees. Since then it’s raised $2.5m in funding then another $6m, and worked with artists like The Glitch Mob to evolve its technology.
    Now some news: the company has rebranded from TheWaveVR to simply Wave – a move that neatly swerves the prospect of the company being over-pigeonholed in VR, as technologies like augmented and mixed reality emerge. It’s also still working with artists: this week it announced plans for a live-streamed concert with artist Lindsey Stirling.
    The gig will take place on 26 August (next Monday) with Stirling’s avatar performing the gig, with the promise of “direct, mysterious and surprise interactions” with fans during the event, as well as the option for those fans to buy exclusive merch based on the show’s visuals. Another key point, though: the gig won’t just be restricted to people with an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headset who’ve downloaded the Wave app. The gig will also be streamed (albeit less interactively) through Stirling’s YouTube and Facebook presences, as well as Wave’s Twitch channel.
    YouTube was famously Stirling’s lead platform and she has nearly 12 million subscribers there, so that alone could be a big boost for the audience. It’s a way, for Wave, of getting its experiences out beyond the still-niche community of VR-headset owners – the same motivation drove rival MelodyVR’s recent launch of a headset-less smartphone app, too.