Live Nation公布2019年的收入為115億美元,所有細項都成長

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  • Live Nation公布2019年的收入為115億美元,所有細項都成長


    ◎「Live Nation Entertainment」在最新發布的財報指出,2019年收入成長7%,來到115億美元,營收成長19%,來到3.25億美元。
    ◎大約平均每場9千8百萬名粉絲參與Live Nation的演唱會,比率提高5%,贊助和廣告收入成長了17%。到2月中旬為止,公司已售出3,800萬張2020年的音樂會門票,比去年同期成長30%。
    ◎財報顯示Live Nation連續第9年實現成長,2019年又新增38個場館,其中包括6個新的音樂節及18個劇院和俱樂部。
    ◎公司還報告說,自2017年以來,體育館的平均票價格呈現兩位數上漲,而動態定價的白金票全年銷售額成長66%。Live Nation總裁/執行長Michael Rapino表示:音樂會的平均票價為46美元,而NBA票價約75美元,而NFL比賽門票則超過100美元。
    ◎除了在門票上花費更多,球迷們一旦進入場館,他們的花費也增加。Live Nation報告指稱,每位球迷的平均支出成長2.50美元,達到了每人29美元以上。


    Live Nation Entertainment reports revenue for calendar year 2019 rose 7% to $11.5 billion while operating income is up 19% to $325 million in financial reports released Feb. 27. The rosy numbers come as the markets are rocked by investor fears over the coronavirus outbreak that has spread beyond Asia and caused stock prices to sink like a proverbial stone.
    But sudden stock price fluctuations can be notoriously short-lived and, at least through the end of 2019, Live Nation continues to hum along like a well-oiled machine.
    Some 98 million fans spun Live Nation turnstyles for an increase in concert attendance of 5%, sponsorship and advertising revenue rose 17 percent and, at least as of mid-February, the company is posed for another year of increases with 38 million concert tickets sold to date for 2020 events and a confirmed show count up 30% from the same time last year.
    The results represent the ninth consecutive year of growth for Live Nation, which also added 38 new venues in 2019, including six new festivals and 18 theaters and clubs.
    The company also reports average ticket prices at arenas and sheds rose “double-digits” since 2017, while sales of dynamically priced Platinum tickets were up 66% for the year. Live Nation President/CEO Michael Rapino states that “concerts remain a great deal for fans relative to other live experiences – our average ticket for a concert at one of our amphitheaters was $46 in 2019 relative to about $75 for an NBA game and over $100 for an NFL game.”
    Along with spending more on tickets, fans spent more on goodies once inside venues, as well. Live Nation reports the average per-fan spending grew by $2.50 to more than $29 each, thanks to a combination of “improved product offering, reduced friction with shorter lines, and improved VIP hospitality offerings,” Rapino said in a statement.
    “Fans continue to find the live experience, from club shows to arenas to festivals, a top entertainment choice and the best way to celebrate their favorite artists and share the experience with other fans,” Rapino said.
    On a day the New York Stock Exchange dropped nearly 1,200 points, LYV posted a closing share price of $57.75. In after-hours trading after the 2019 full year and fourth quarter reports were released, shares rose 2.16% to $59.00.