Live Nation在2018第二季的收入和獲利都有增加

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  • Live Nation在2018第二季的收入和獲利都有增加


    ◎演唱會和票務巨頭Live Nation仍在成長,其第二季度表現強勁,財報指出未來將有創紀錄的收入和回報。

    ◎Live Nation表示,它在EPS、AOI、收入和淨收入方面都超出市場共識,收入增長7%至29億美元,AOI增長18%至2.6億美元,所有業務的營業收入和AOI均實現兩位數增長,且預計這一年會繼續這樣的趨勢。

    ◎截至7月,Live Nation售出7000萬張門票,比去年同時間增加300萬張。它在第二季度為超過2500萬名粉絲推出了超過9,000場演出,並預計今年每位粉絲的附加支出將加速增長,在其擁有或營運的劇場中每人會增加2.5至3美元的支出。截至7月中旬,贊助和廣告的淨收入比去年增加12%。

    ◎至於Ticketmaster,截至7月份,全球收費門票的總交易價值上漲了15%。去年Ticketmaster還在125個場館推出了數位票務系統Presence,並計劃在今年下半年再於75個場館推出。Live Nation預計明年將有6000萬粉絲使用該系統。



    Concert and ticketing giant Live Nation is on a roll, reporting a strong second quarter and financial results that point to record revenue and returns ahead. But an unpredictable Wall Street sent the stock down slightly to a $51.60 close on Thursday.

    "2018 is on track for the company to deliver double-digit operating income and AOI growth along with strong gains in revenue, operating cash flow and free cash flow – adjusted," CEO Michael Rapino said. "Each of our businesses is contributing to this success, as we put on more concerts for a greater numbers of fans, continue to monetize fans who come to the shows, sell more tickets to events of all types and further demonstrate the value of over 90 million fans to sponsors."

    Live Nation touts that it has beat consensus across EPS, AOI, Revenue and Net Income, with revenue up 7 percent to $2.9 Billion, AOI up 18% to $260 Million, and all businesses delivering double-digit operating income and AOI growth, and expects to continue that trend for the year.

    Through July, Live Nation sold 70 million tickets, 3 million more than this point last year. It has promoted more than 9,000 shows for more than 25 million fans in the second quarter and expects ancillary spend per fan growth to accelerate this year, increasing by between $2.50 and $3 per head at its owned or operated amphitheaters.

    Sponsorship and advertising is 12 percent ahead of last year in committed net revenue through mid-July, with over 90 percent of planned net revenue for the year committed.

    As for Ticketmaster, GTV on fee-bearing tickets is up 15 percent globally through July. TM also spent the last year rolling out its digital ticketing system Presence in 125 venues with another 75 planned in second half of year. Live Nation anticipates 60 million fans will be using the system next year

    Mobile fee-bearing ticket sales are up 34 percent for the year and now accounts for 40 percent of all fee-bearing ticket sales, with mobile conversion up double digits. Increased number of events listed on Ticketmaster are up by 16 percent this year to almost 280,000 events through June.

    LYV stock dipped Thursday, dropping 1.5 percent from a high of $52.64, closing at $51.60.