Live Nation娛樂集團取得阿根廷的DF娛樂的多數股權

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    • 201902/1207:54

    ◎Live Nation娛樂集團已取得DF娛樂的多數股權,DF娛樂是阿根廷領先的獨立演唱會主辦商之一。總部位於布宜諾斯艾利斯的DF在2018年銷售了超過50萬張活動門票,並促成不斷成長的演唱會和音樂節藝人陣容。

    ◎DF娛樂由Diego Finkelstein創立並擁有,之後將繼續營運其所有業務,包括演唱會主辦、音樂節製作、票務服務以及當地演出場館的股權經營。在過去幾年中,DF娛樂和Live Nation共同主辦了像是Coldplay、Bon Jovi、Foo Fighters、Ariana Grande和Phil Collins等歌手的演出。DF同時與Live Nation娛樂集團旗下的C3 Presents公司合作,成為Lollapalooza音樂節在阿根廷舉辦的當地合作夥伴、主辦商及票務提供商。


    Live Nation Entertainment has acquired a majority stake in DF Entertainment, one of Argentina's leading independent concert promoters.

    Buenos Aires-based DF sold more than 500,000 tickets to events in 2018, and oversees a growing lineup of artists for both concerts and festivals.

    Founded and owned by Diego Finkelstein, DF Entertainment will continue to oversee all operations throughout its portfolio, ranging from concert promotion, music festival production, ticketing services, and equity in local venues.

    Over the past several years, DF Entertainment and Live Nation co-promoted shows for acts such as Coldplay, Bon Jovi, Foo Fighters, Ariana Grande and Phil Collins.

    DF also serves as the local partner, promoter, and ticketing provider for Lollapalooza Argentina, in partnership with C3 Presents, a Live Nation Entertainment (LYV) owned company.

    "The demand for concerts and live events across South America has never been higher, and the local insight of Diego and the DF Entertainment team will help us connect more artists and fans throughout Argentina than ever before," said Michael Rapino, President and CEO, Live Nation Entertainment.

    "DF Entertainment has proven to be an amazing partner and the premier promoter in Argentina, and we're glad to have them join the Live Nation family after many years working together."

    "Argentina's live music industry continues to flourish, and together with Live Nation, so will DF Entertainment," said Finkelstein. "I'm very proud of our team and can't wait to see our event lineup grow even more with the support and resources of Live Nation behind us."


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