Live Nation對MCD的併購面臨調查

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  • Live Nation對MCD的併購面臨調查


    ◎愛爾蘭的消費者保護機構「競爭和消費者保護委員會(CCPC)」宣布對英國的LN-Gaiety Holdings(LNG)欲併購愛爾蘭活動主辦商MCD Productions一案進行「第二階段」調查。

    ◎LNG是Live Nation英國分公司和Denis Desmond的Gaiety Investments的合資企業,去年8月宣布計劃併購Desmond的公司MCD Productions。MCD於1980年由Denis Desmond和Eamonn McCann共同創立,現在由Desmond和他的妻子Caroline Downey共同擁有;Denis Desmond於2015年接替John Probyn擔任Live Nation在英國和愛爾蘭的董事長,不過MCD當時仍保持其獨立性。

    ◎CCPC表示第二階段調查是於初步的「第一階段」調查之後接續進行的,是在調查「CCPC是否無法斷定擬議的交易不會導致任何愛爾蘭的商品或服務的市場上的競爭會大幅減少」。Live Nation在2017年時也曾面臨英國類似性質機構CMA的調查,當時是擔心Live Nation併購Isle of Wight音樂節將扼殺英國音樂節市場的競爭,不過該收購已於當年9月完成。


    The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC), the Republic of Ireland's consumer protection agency, has announced a 'phase 2' investigation into the acquisition of Irish promoter MCD Productions by UK-based LN-Gaiety Holdings (LNG).

    LNG – a joint venture between Live Nation UK and Denis Desmond's Gaiety Investments – announced last August it planned to acquire Desmond's company MCD Productions. Cork-born Desmond succeeded John Probyn as Live Nation's chairman in the UK and Ireland in 2015, although MCD – founded by Desmond and Eamonn McCann in 1980, and now co-owned by Desmond and his wife, Caroline Downey – retained its independence.

    A phase 2 investigation, in CCPC-speak, follows a preliminary, 'phase 1', investigation if "the CCPC is unable to conclude that the proposed transaction will not lead to a substantial lessening of competition in any market for goods or services" in the republic.

    Live Nation faced a similar investigation from the CCPC's UK counterpart, the CMA, in 2017 over concerns its takeover of Isle of Wight Festival would stifle competition in Britain's festival market, though the acquisition was cleared that September.

    Live Nation has been contacted for comment.


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