Live Nation已經向美國退伍軍人捐贈了超過100萬張門票

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  • Live Nation已經向美國退伍軍人捐贈了超過100萬張門票


    ◎自從與美國退伍軍人票務基金會Vet Tix開始合作以來,Live Nation已經向退伍軍人捐贈了超過100萬張門票。Vet Tix是一家領先的非營利組織,致力於為目前服役的軍人和退伍軍人提供免費的門票,而自2014年以來,Live Nation一直是他們最大的捐贈者,提供了價值超過7500萬美元的門票。

    ◎根據Live Nation,這位全球演唱會巨頭定期捐贈各種類型演唱會的門票,不僅有搖滾樂和流行樂演唱會,還包括家庭活動和百老匯演出。為了促進這一過程,Live Nation還為Vet Tix平台量身定制了票務軟體,升級版平台於2018年推出,讓藝人、活動主辦商和場舘的門票捐贈更方便,並使退伍軍人、現役軍人及其家屬更容易查看是否還有門票。

    ◎要獲得門票,軍人和退伍軍人需提出申請並由第三方核實後成為會員,之後可以設定他們有興趣的活動,並在有符合其興趣的活動門票可用時得到通知,會員提出要求後,Vet Tix會使用樂透抽獎的方式分發門票。

    ◎作為合作夥伴關係的一部分,Live Nation幫助帶頭推出一項獎學金計劃,旨在幫助軍事校友在娛樂產業建立職業生涯。此外,Live Nation最近也推出了針對退伍軍人員工的內部計劃Hero Nation。


    Live Nation has donated more than a million tickets to veterans since the kickoff of its partnership with the Veteran Tickets Foundation, also known as Vet Tix.

    Vet Tix is a leading nonprofit working to provide free tickets to currently serving military and veterans of all eras and since 2014, Live Nation has been their largest donor, providing over $75 million in tickets.

    "Live Nation is incredibly proud to be a partner of Vet Tix, and we're honored to have helped over one million service members and their families create life-long memories together at our concerts and events," said Michael Rapino, CEO and President, Live Nation Entertainment. "We know how powerful live music can be, and will continue doing everything we can to share those experiences with our veterans who have given so much."

    According to Live Nation, the promoter giant regularly donates tickets to concerts across a variety of genres, including not only rock and pop concerts but family events and Broadway shows as well.

    To facilitate the process, Live Nation also created custom ticketing software for Vet Tix's platform. Launched in 2018, the upgraded platform facilitates ticket donations from artists, event promoters, and venues and makes it easier for vets, service members, and their families to see ticket availability.

    Promoters and event owners interested in contributing tickets to the program should reach out to Brandi Shannon at

    To receive tickets, military personnel and veterans apply and are verified by a third party. Members can then set their event interests and are notified when tickets to an event meeting their criteria are available. Members then request tickets and Vet Tix distributes tickets at times using a lottery.

    In addition to ticket donations, Live Nation strives to support veterans in a number of ways, including serving as an official partner of the veterans' hiring organization Got Your 6 since 2017. Got Your 6 is a non-profit that seeks to bridge the civilian-military divide.

    As a part of the partnership, Live Nation helped spearhead a fellowship program designed to help military alums build careers in the entertainment industry. Additionally, Live Nation recently launched Hero Nation, an internal program for veteran employees.