Live Nation把虛擬實境添加到演唱會體驗中

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  • Live Nation把虛擬實境添加到演唱會體驗中


    ◎Live Nation推出了一套可客製化的虛擬實境AR產品,目的在為粉絲創建更加身臨其境的方式,以便在現場音樂活動中與藝人和品牌建立聯繫。

    ◎Hyundai汽車將成為第一家利用Live Nation的精選AR產品的公司,在即將到來的9月所舉辦的第25屆Music Midtown音樂節中,樂迷將可探索經過完全重新設計的2020 Sonata的所有新功能。

    ◎初期開發的AR產品套件包括:AR Livestream、AR VIP Access、AR Fest Lens、AR Intermission、AR Photo Opp;其中,AR Photo Opp可以識別場地、標誌性或品牌背景。粉絲可使用獨特的AR濾鏡拍攝照片,搭配3D藝術作品,幫助粉絲捕捉,分享和重溫體驗。


    Live Nation has unveiled a suite of customizable augmented reality products aimed at creating more immersive ways for fans to connect with artists and brands at live music events.

    "More than 90% of live music fans globally say brands can enhance the live experience, and augmented reality presents endless opportunities," said Kevin Chernett, EVP Global Partnerships & Content Distribution at Live Nation. "The ability to drive culture through creativity while also adding value to fans allows brands to elevate expectations at live music events."

    Hyundai will be the first company to leverage a selection of Live Nation's AR products, which it will use to enable fans to explore all the new features of its completely redesigned 2020 Sonata, during the 25th annual Music Midtown festival this upcoming September.

    The initial suite of AR products in development include:

    AR Livestream: For the first time ever, Live Nation's AR Livestream will allow fans globally to experience the festival in an entirely new way. By downloading the Music Midtown app, fans can click on the AR Livestream and point the app to a flat surface from which a three-dimensional, four-sided viewer that can be rotated will appear for fans to view selected performances – live from the festival. Hyundai will be integrated into the experience by showcasing a custom 3D version of the 2020 Sonata.

    AR VIP Access: With AR VIP Access, fans onsite and offsite will be able to experience distinctive vantage points from Music Midtown that are typically reserved exclusively for industry insiders. Side stage, backstage, front of house soundboard – the possibilities are endless – as we use 360-degree camera technology to create new immersive experiences. Hyundai's 2020 Sonata will also be integrated into the experience.

    AR Fest Lens: Fans attending the select festivals will be able to point their smartphone toward any of the stages and a lineup will appear identifying which artists will be performing, as well as upcoming acts, ensuring fans never miss their favorite artists – a must-have for all festival attendees.

    AR Intermission: AR Intermission unlocks the opportunity for brands to creatively reimagine what the stage can look like in between sets, creating memorable, engaging entertainment experiences for fans at concerts and festivals.

    AR Photo Opp: As live music events increasingly become the playground for social media content, AR Photo Opp can identify iconic and/or branded backdrops within venues and festivals. Fans can then snap photos with unique AR filters complete with custom 3D artwork that effectively blend the digital and physical worlds to help fans capture, share and relive the experience in style.