Live Nation的汽車演唱會從一開始就注定要完了 而這是原因

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    ◎Live Nation最近宣布將取消今年計劃在英國進行的夏季汽車演唱會,其中包括幾位主要藝人的表演和六場音樂製作。為何這個有希望的系列演出失敗?在最近關於MusicThinkTank的文章中,作者John Austen 探索了為何Live Nation被迫放棄了有潛力的巡迴演出,以及取而代之的是什麼。


    It was recently announced that Live Nation would be scrapping it’s planned set of summer drive-in shows in the UK this year, including performances by several major artists and a production of the music Six. So why did this promising series fall through?
    In this recent article on MusicThinkTank, contributor John Austen explores why Live Nation was forced to scrap its promising drive-in series, and what might take its place instead.
    “Drive-In Cinemas were hugely popular in the 90s. But there’s a critical difference between live music and enjoying a cinematic masterpiece. Films are meant to be enjoyed sitting down. People want to take their loved ones, cuddle up, eat some popcorn and enjoy their film of choice with a certain level of tranquility. Live Music is very much the opposite to this. At a gig – you want to be dancing, singing, drinking (which you can’t do if you’re driving), and most importantly, close to the action. At a drive-in gig, you could be hundreds of feet from the action, barely able to see the acts whilst being stuck in your vehicle.”
    Having said all this, I still commend Live Nation for making an attempt to bring some joy to people’s lives in these heavily testing times. But it does appear that this idea was doomed to fail from the start. So what’s next? Germany and Japan have relaxed restrictions, meaning live music performances can now take place with up to 1000 guests present. Critically however, venues will only be allowed to fill half of their usual capacity in an order to limit the spread. Box systems are in place across the venues, with a one-way walking system set up around the venue and modified toilet facilities. Ticket prices have increased to accomodate the lower footfall. I think this method is the one we’ll have to look to adopt in the UK as cases continue to fall.