Live Nation第三季度財報表現打破紀錄

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  • Live Nation第三季度財報表現打破紀錄

    ◎Live Nation報告稱其2018年第三季度為「有史以來最好的季度」,整體收入增長11%,營業收入增長16%,調整後營業收入增長16%。第三季度有超過3300萬名粉絲參加了Live Nation的演出,比去年同期增長了12%。

    ◎Live Nation表示,受到前台販售商品定價上漲25%的推動,其體育場和大型劇場的平均門票價格上漲了14%。該公司的報告顯示,在其大型劇場的活動取得了成果,每個粉絲的平均花費增加了近3美元達到將近27美元。總體而言,這些增長使得大約共6,000個演出的藝人收入增加了超過3億美元。

    ◎演出的增加使得Live Nation的票務部門受益,該公司表示,截至10月,在2018年他們已經售出了8500萬張Live Nation演唱會的門票,同比增長6%,今年的銷售有望超過9000萬張門票。透過Live Nation,Ticketmaster全年有望在28個國家地區銷售出價值約310億美元的近5億張門票,使其成為全球最大的票務平台。

    ◎Live Nation報告中也顯示其高利潤的贊助部門這一季表現強勁,收入增長11%,營業收入增長11%,調整後營業收入至今年9月為止增長12%。本季度Live Nation與包括T-Mobile、索尼、Sterling Wine和Subway在內的企業合作夥伴達成了新的贊助協議。


    Live Nation reported its "best quarter ever" for Q3 2018. Overall revenue was up 11%, operating income up 16% and AOI up 16%. More than 33 million fans attended Live Nation shows in Q3, up 12% over the same period last year.

    Live Nation said that its arena and amphitheaters, the average ticket price was up by 14%, driven by front-of-house pricing which is up 25%. The company reported that its hospitality initiatives at its amphitheaters had borne fruit with average revenue per fan boosted by nearly $3 to almost $27. Collectively, these increases have grown artist earnings by over $300 million across roughly 6,000 shows, the company reported.

    The increase in shows has benefited Live Nation's ticketing segment and the company said that through October, they have sold 85 million tickets for Live Nation concerts in 2018, up 6% year-on-year, and are on track to sell over 90 million tickets this year.

    Per Live Nation, Ticketmaster is on track to deliver almost 500 million tickets worth approximately $31 billion across 28 countries for the full year, making it the world's largest such marketplace.

    Live Nation also reported a strong quarter for their high margin sponsorship division, with revenue up 11%, operating income up 11%, and AOI up 12% year-to-date through September. The quarter saw new sponsorship deals with corporate partners that included T-Mobile, Sony, Sterling Wine, and Subway.

    "As we approach the end of 2018, we are confident that our strong performance will deliver another record year of results. All of our businesses — concerts, sponsorship and ticketing — have delivered growth year-to-date through September, and based on their key operating metrics, we expect each to deliver record revenue, operating income, and AOI for the full year. As we look forward, we see tremendous opportunities to continue the global expansion of our concerts and ticketing businesses, and for further growth in sponsorship and ticketing from the concerts flywheel," said Live Nation President and CEO Michael Rapino.