Live Nation經由電影《一個巨星的誕生》在電影產業揚名立萬

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  • Live Nation經由電影《一個巨星的誕生》在電影產業揚名立萬

    ◎經由新電影《一個巨星的誕生》的強勢上檔,讓Live Nation的電影暨電視製作部門Live Nation Productions在好萊塢揚名立萬。《一個巨星的誕生》是1937年的經典同名電影的最新翻拍版本,這個版本由Lady Gaga和Bradley Cooper主演,票房上非常成功,自10月5日上映以來在全球獲得了超過2.53億美元的收入,而據報導其製作預算僅為4,000萬美元。據華爾街日報報導,熟悉這部電影資金的人士表示,Live Nation Productions對該片的成功也有幫助,該公司為該部電影提供了大約25%的資金,並通過其現場平台提供關鍵性的行銷。

    ◎Live Nation首次進入電影產業是在2015年,當時Justin Timberlake把他《20/20 Experience》世界巡迴演唱會的最後一場拍成紀錄片,這部電影《Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids》於2016年在多倫多電影節首映,之後被Netflix買下。此後Live Nation Productions製作的其他影片包括關於Eagles of Death Metal樂團和Imagine Dragons樂團的紀錄片以及Netflix原創的《The After Party》。Live Nation告訴華爾街日報,其新媒體部門比該公司的演唱會業務獲利更多,但拒絕透露具體細節。

    ◎Live Nation Production的下一個項目將是它首次涉足電視節目,製作紀錄片《From Cradle to Stage》,該片是將Foo Fighters樂團主唱Dave Grohl的母親Virginia Hanlon Grohl所寫的書拍成電視節目。據華爾街日報報導,該公司還有其他幾個潛在計畫正在籌備中。


    Bolstered by the strength of the new feature film "A Star Is Born," Live Nation's film and television production division Live Nation Productions has raised its flag in Hollywood.

    "A Star Is Born" is the latest rework of the classic 1937 film of the same name. The 2018 edition of Star, which features Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, has been a success at the box office, generating more than 253 million dollars worldwide since it opened on Oct. 5th on a reported production budget of just $40 million.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, people familiar with the film's funding said that Live Nation Productions had a hand in the film's success. The company put up about 25% of the funding for the film and provided critical marketing through its live platform as well, the Journal reported.

    Live Nation first dipped its feet into the movie business in 2015 when Justin Timberlake filmed a documentary account of the final concert of his 20/20 Experience World Tour. The resultant film, titled Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids premiered in 2016 at the Toronto Film Festival and was later acquired by Netflix.

    "That first foray showed that we could leverage our relationship with a tour and an artist," Live Nation's Michael Rapino told the WSJ. "We looked at it as a great way to be in business with artists we're already in business with."

    Other Live Nation Productions since then include documentaries on the bands Eagles of Death Metal and Imagine Dragons, as well as the Netflix original "The After Party."

    Live Nation told the WSJ that its new media division is more profitable than the company's concert business but declined to provide specifics.

    Live Nation Production's next project will be its first foray into television with the documentary "From Cradle to Stage," which seeks to bring to life a book written by Virginia Hanlon Grohl, the mother of Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl.

    The company has several other potential projects in the pipeline as well, the WSJ reported.